Americans Spend 33 Minutes a Day Watching Video on Smartphones

Americans Spend 33 Minutes a Day Watching Video on Smartphones

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Not only do Americans spend 33 minutes per day watching videos on their mobile devices, but they are willing to sit through video ads of between 15-30 seconds in return for free TV or movie content. In the UK, 32% of adults in the UK use their Smartphones every month to make a purchase, and 53% of adults are on their mobile devices while watching their TV screens.

Two new reports from mobile video advertising company Vdopia highlights mobile data usage on its network in both the US and the UK. The research shows how consumers are using mobile devices to research and buy products, as well as watch a wide range of entertainment.

Mobile Devices and Video Consumption: Report Highlights

  • Video ads that ran for 10 seconds were twice as effective in terms of click-through rates (UK)
  • The share of campaigns involving multiple video ads, more than doubled in six months from 16% to 34% (UK)
  • 62% of smartphone owners are OK with 15-30 seconds ads if they get to stream TV/movies for free on their smartphones (US)
  • Americans now average 33 minutes each day watching videos on their smartphones (US)

Video Ads and Entertainment on Mobile Phones: U.S.

Vpodia found that 62% of U.S. smartphone owners were fine with being served video ads that lasted around 15-30 seconds if it meant that they got to stream TV or movie content for free on their mobile devices. The report found that compared very favorably against PCs/laptops where only 56% of consumers were OK with free streaming in return for sitting through video ads.

37% of ad impressions were targeted to a certain demographic, thus making demographic targeting the preferred form of segmenting users. 85% of consumers were prepared to sit through a video ad.

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Video Ads and Entertainment on Mobile Phones: U.K.

In 2014, over 18 million UK residents (28% of the population) will watch some form of video content on their smartphones. That figure is set to increase to 33% by 2015. The report also found that over 50% of UK residents were accessing their mobiles while watching traditional TV.

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You can download the full report (UK and US versions) from the Vdopia site (registration is required).


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