Affine, LiveRail & Others Team Up On Brand Safety Alliance For Video Advertisers

Affine, LiveRail & Others Team Up On Brand Safety Alliance For Video Advertisers

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Several major online video companies have banded together for a new Video Brand Safety Alliance initiative. Affine and LiveRail are the major driving forces behind the alliance. The Brand Safety Alliance combines the leading context verification, content-analysis and privacy vendors to provide a unique, multi-dimensional view of online video to help make video advertising safer and more transparent for brand advertisers.

Other companies involved in the alliance are DoubleVerify, AdXpose, Proximic and TRUSTe.

It’s a three-prong initiative that includes:

  • Video Content – Technology that utilizes industry-leading image-recognition software for face, scene, and object detection.
  • Page Context – Technology that analyzes elements of the page to interpret the context within which the video experience is rendered.
  • Privacy – Technology built to provide consumers with advertising privacy notice and choice.

The Brand Safety Alliance gives every player in the video advertising ecosystem access to a holistic view of brand safety. Agencies and networks can now offer their brand partners insight into URLs, semantic page content, and the content of the actual video accompanying ad impressions. In addition, advertisers and publishers can utilize privacy compliance solutions to incorporate privacy notice and choice into their video ads.

Here’s affine VP  of Product Matt Tillman talking about the Brand Safety Alliance:

“Online video is a complicated space, and it’s very difficult to achieve scale while also ensuring brand safety,” said Mark Trefgarne, LiveRail CEO. “The LiveRail Safety Alliance is the first step toward a complete platform that lets advertisers pick and choose the partners they want to work with to achieve their campaign goals. By working with several of the leading data and technology companies, we’re giving video ad buyers fool-proof brand safety options.”


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