Reaching Wider Audiences & Creating Discussion Through Video: The YouTube Advertiser Playbook – Part 6

Reaching Wider Audiences & Creating Discussion Through Video: The YouTube Advertiser Playbook – Part 6

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There is nothing better than posting a video on YouTube and getting a discussion started, creating a dialogue about the content you created.  Of course, you hope that discussion is positive, and people are raving about what a great video it is.  Another thing you hope is to be able to reach those who may not be able to comprehend the video because they’re hearing impaired or speak another language.  Or, you’d like to bring more attention to your potential customers to a special deal or service you are currently providing.  This is the “social” part of the YouTube Advertiser Playbook.

Building An Audience Through Responses, Content, Community


It all starts with creating good content, and when people come to comment, you acknowledge and appreciate their interest by responding back.  Creating a dialogue can happen anywhere, too.  If you post the video to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any blog with enabled comments, responding back is a big part of creating goodwill with your fans.

Brands have a unique opportunity to not only get people watching their videos, but buying their products, by being experts in a field much like we discussed with Touchstorm and KBS a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes someone might be asking a question related to your field, and you have a great opportunity to show you know what you’re talking about, and creating trust with the kind of product you sell.

Get Friendly With Other Channels In Your Field

An interesting concept that the Advertiser Playbook brings up, and this goes along with the previous paragraph, is subscribing to other channels that are in the same industry as you are.  It sounds counter-intuitive to reach out to your competitors, but it gives you a couple of interesting leverage points.

  • You can see what your competitors are doing and see what’s working and what’s not.
  • You can post video responses related to their own videos that give you free advertising for your own channel
  • You can create a community with other businesses.  You subscribe to them, they to you, and you build an audience for your industry, or category.

Create, Create, Create…And Tell People When New Stuff Is Coming Out

The other thing: you have to keep creating content.  One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give to any channel is to keep churning out content and making a regular schedule for which viewers know when to see new content.  The Creator Playbook also mentions giving your “superfans” special or extra content that no one else can see, or at least giving them the opportunity to see it first.  When you recognize your regulars, it’s good to give them something a little extra–and there are a lot of creative ways to give people extra content, extra value, and even special deals for your products.  That builds more trust and goodwill.

Use Annotations to Create Calls-to-Action

Annotations can help call attention to particular goals you want to accomplish.  You can:

  • Direct people to other videos (they can be linked for easy click-and-play)
  • Ask viewers to like, comment, or subscribe
  • Point out something interesting in the video
  • Bring up special deals, announcements

There are plenty of other uses for annotations, but those are the most common.  Annotations also help the YouTube search engine to better explain what your video is and help you rank higher in search.

From the Playbook:

To access the Annotations Editor, click your username and select Video Manager.  Then choose the Edit dropdown next to the video you want to manage and click Annotations.

Write Captions for Hearing Impaired, Different Languages, Better Search in YouTube

If you want to reach a wider audience, it’s a good idea to make your video more accessible to those who might not speak your language, or those who are hearing impaired.  The other great thing about captions is that just like any keyword or tag, captions give a text of what happens in the video and allows YouTube’s search engine to better find the video.

YouTube suggests that if you start getting views from other countries, then you need to start with those languages first if you’re going to use a foreign language in captions.  There’s a good chance you have an idea of what languages you want to use right off the bat.  In the US, Spanish is a good start.  But if you find out that you’ve got some popularity in Germany, you’ll want to make sure they can understand the videos.  That’s another effort towards goodwill.

To access the Annotations Editor, click your username and select Video Manager.  Then choose the Edit dropdown next to the video you want to manage and click Captions.

The Social Atmosphere of Your Videos

The following features are all ways you and your customers can interact, which the Advertiser Playbook lays out:

  • Comments: Encourage viewers to comment on the videos
  • Comment Voting: Viewers can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on comments
  • Video Responses: Encourage others to upload their own videos in response to yours
  • Ratings: Allow people to rate your video
  • Embedding: Give your community the chance to embed videos on their own.  Your fans can be the best marketers for your videos by sharing with others.
  • Syndication: Allow your video to be seen on any web-enabled device.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone.  You can always control what kind of interaction you allow by going into the Video Manager and limiting certain things.


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