How to Use Advanced Search Feature in YouTube Video Manager

How to Use Advanced Search Feature in YouTube Video Manager

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If you have a lot of video content uploaded to your YouTube channel, it can be hard to find to the exact video you are looking for. In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we are going to show you how to use the advanced search tool in your Video Manager, to help you find the exact videos you are searching for.

How to Use YouTube Advanced Search Feature in Video Manager

As the foremost online resource for online video marketing, we are always being asked for tips and advice on all sorts of video related topics. This very post is the 6,000th one we have published (!!), and we have an on-site search function so that readers can locate the articles they need. On YouTube, we have (at time of writing) 412 public videos, the vast majority of which are tips related, and we often need to find one quickly. And, here’s how we do it:

#1 Sign into YouTube, and go to your Video Manager dashboard.

#2 On the ‘Uploads’ page, activate the drop-down menu on the ‘search uploads’ box:

video manager search

#3 This new box gives you the option to drill down into your content in various ways. For instance, we want to find a video that explains how to generate a custom email list for your subscribers. We know that is in the title so typing in ’email list’ in the title returns the very video we need:

email list

#4 So far, so obvious. But what if we wanted to search for a video that we couldn’t remember the exact title for? We know it was to do with Video SEO, and we uploaded it in the first part of 2013. Let’s try again using those options:

video search

#5 That narrows the search considerably. and returns the exact video we were looking for:

video seo search

Advanced Search Operators for ‘My Videos’ Search in YouTube

There are also a number of advanced search operators that you can use to narrow the search down even further:

  • is:public, is:private, is:unlisted, is:draft This criteria allows you to search for videos that you have set to public, private or unlisted. Also works for those videos uploaded as draft but not yet published.
  • before:, after: Date search which will return videos uploaded in a certain time-frame. For example: “after:2013-03-29” will return anything upload after the 29th March 2013.
  • title: Searches for videos according to contents of the title. Example: “title:food” will return any video that has the word “food” in the title.
  • tag: Will locate videos using the tag you gave it.
  • ## Another version of the tag search.
  • Use a hyphen (-) to exclude videos from your search. Can be used in combination with other search terms. Example: “title:Chocolate -is:public” will show you videos that have the word “chocolate” in the title and aren’t public.
  • length>, length>=, length=, length<=, length< Searches for videos according to length in seconds. Example: “length>30” searches for any video longer than thirty seconds. These can be used in combination – “length>30 length<120” finds any video longer than 30 seconds but shorter than 120.
  • description: Searches within the description of your videos. Example: “description:kittens” will show you videos that have the word “kittens” in their description.
  • OR Use OR (in all caps) Use this to search for videos matching one term or another. Example: “title:video or title:seo” will return videos that have either “video” or “seo” in the title.
  • () Use brackets to group words together when using a search operator. Example: “title:(video seo)” will return videos with “video” and “seo” in their title.
  • is:paid Searches for videos that require a paid subscription to view (Not available in all countries.)

This little feature has been incredibly helpful for us on so many occasions, and we hope it proves useful for you too. Let us know in the comments below!


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