Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

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adobe-open-source-media-frameworkThrow on your disco clothes and get down with Strobe, Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework Initiative (OSMF) which they recently released. What’s it all mean for you? Well, that’s what ReelSEO is here to tell you.

Do you want to develop rich media players for use on the web and have them able to be extensible? Want a plug-in like structure that can support advertising, metrics and content delivery all wrapped up in Flash? Well Adobe wants you to as well and that’s the whole aim of Strobe. The platform offers up an API that gives everyone the ability to write their own plug-ins and allow the platform to grow and prosper.

It sounds like a last ditch effort by Adobe to maintain market domination which is certainly going to be threatened with the release of HTML 5 and open video. It’s quite clever on their part to begin releasing it now so that it can gain momentum thus making it all that much harder for people to pull away from it when HTML 5 comes about and is ready for the masses. Don’t you all see how clever that is? Fearing they’re going to start losing ground they instead create a new open source platform which they’ve been talking about for some time and it only comes to some fruition when their grip on the industry is threatened by others? It’s just conjecture at this point really.

Adobe has stated that code from Akamai’s Open Video Player has been used for their initiative which makes us ask if it’s really their initiative at this point, wouldn’t it really be Akamai’s? Adobe said that this combination would help move the industry towards adoption. Maybe we here at ReelSEO are just paranoid about it all.

Akamai is not the only other third-party involved in the initiative and the list includes,, Brightcove, Grab Media, Level 3 Communications, Limelight Networks, The Nielsen Co. and Omniture.

The OSMF (no longer Strobe, which was a far cooler name), is being put out under the Mozilla Public License and the site contains a fairly complete listing of information about the project’s governance and guidelines.

Currently expected plug-ins are in three categories:

  • Advertising –  (, Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Panache, PointRoll, ScanScout, Thumbplay, and YuMe)
  • Publishing – (Brightcove, Grab Networks, Incited Media, iStreamPlanet, KickApps, and Multicast Media Technologies)
  • Analytics (comScore, Digitalsmiths, GlanceGuide, Nielsen, Ominture, Skytide, and Visible Measures)

It must be a big thing with both ComScore and Nielsen getting involved. As we all know they generally attempt to steer clear of each other and lob bombs about the accuracy of the other from afar. With built in plug-ins that could give direct measurement of views and interactions perhaps the metrics wars can finally start being laid to rest and an uneasy peace could be crafted which might even involve some cross-platform cooperation between the two.

Is this the beginning of that push towards industry wide cooperation that ReelSEO has been a supporter of for so long? Could the OSMF begin to pull together the diverse quarters of the industry and all its tangentials so that we, the whole online video industry, can finally begin taking further great steps forward toward becoming the dominant form of entertainment and information transmission? Or will this initiative become yet another hindrance, another obstacle that only slows down the proliferation and acceptance of online video in all its possible forms?

What do you think?


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