Adobe Cloud Gets Creative, Brings PrimeTime with it

Adobe Cloud Gets Creative, Brings PrimeTime with it

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I’m tracking several things coming from Adobe presently. The first is the announcement that the Adobe Creative Cloud is now live meaning you can pay a monthly fee for access to their Creative Suite 6 series of applications. Along with that there are also two new Touch Apps, but those are sold separately. The other thing I’m tracking and will have more on, probably next week, is Adobe’s “Project PrimeTime, the first fully integrated video technology platform to enable seamless viewing experiences for ad-supported TV content across desktops, TVs, smartphones and tablets including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.”

This is PrimeTime Baby!

While I haven’t got much on Project PrimeTime upcoming announcement right now, I do have some previously released information that might pique your interest.

From an earlier release:

This new platform delivers premium video and ad content consistently across all major platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, desktop operating systems and connected TVs. Shown for the first time at these two major industry events, elements of Primetime will be available throughout 2012.

Essentially it looks that the offering is attempting to be the one-stop shop if you will for online video. It’s set to include things like streaming technologies, content protection, analytics and optimization and monetization. Over time it should work for linear, live and on-demand video. I’m quite excited to get some more info on it.

Creating Content out of Clouds

Many of us have laid on our backs in the grass and watched as clouds have scudded past often saying things like “Look, it’s Snoopy!” or “OMG a skull!”

That has nothing to do with this, well, no…even I can’t stretch reality that much. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is basically a monthly subscription, if I’m reading correctly, for access to the entire Creative Suite 6 set of applications including; Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash Professional, Muse and Edge Preview.

It comes in at $49.99 a month, billed yearly and $74.99 per single month. If you’ve got anywhere from CS3 to CS5.5 you can get a special intro price of $29.99 (again probably a year up front).

It’s an expensive proposition that. $480 for a year of access to a cloud-based installation for the apps?

On the other hand, there are a couple other things that come with the subscription like cloud-based storage and sharing of content, integrated website publishing and hosting and “ongoing innovation” which sounds like software patches and updates.

I don’t know any person that uses all of those applications listed. People, generally being specialized into a specific type of work, are usually using a small subset. The pricing seems like it’s designed to replicate the cost of a single application. Again, the reason why I don’t use multiple Adobe applications or update regularly, I think I’m still paying off my Adobe Photoshop CS3 on the credit card.

Simultaneously, but sold separately is the announcement that the Adobe Touch Apps, Proto and Collage, are out now on iOS and new features for Touch and Ideas. They’re all available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for $9.99 each. Signing up for an annual Creative Cloud membership can get you a deal on the Touch Apps it seems.


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