Add Links And Chapters To YouTube Videos: Creators Tip #22

Add Links And Chapters To YouTube Videos: Creators Tip #22

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There are several services that let you customize the YouTube player’s embed code and the actual YouTube player itself. This week for our Creator’s Tip we give you a look at five such services, all varying in levels of complexity and different options that they provide.

One of the services we cover this week lets you add chapters and scene sections to your video if you use their embeddable player, but you can do something similar directly in YouTube by just typing the timestamp into the description. YouTube will automatically hyperlink it to that point in the video.

How To Add Links And Chapters To YouTube Videos


This is the most simple and basic of the bunch, letting you add a clickable title to your video’s player that links to any URL you provide, including your website, Facebook page, or an affiliate link.

2. VIEWBIX.COM – 1:40

This service does the same thing, but offers several other options including the ability to embed your RSS feed into the YouTube player along with your Twitter feed, Facebook pictures, and much more.


This player lets you add chapter markers and scene settings to your YouTube videos so viewers can easily jump between multiple segments of your video. This is especially helpful for longer videos, news videos, and tutorial videos that might want to allow viewers to easily skip to the next step in the video.

It also lets you add annotations to your videos that include clickable links to external URLs that point outside of YouTube, like to your website, Facebook page, affiliate link, or anything else.


YouTube actually offers an API that lets developers customize the YouTube player and embed code with maximum flexibility. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a developer to play with the YouTube Player API Demo they’ve setup, which you can find here.


For those who are brave enough to dive in to it, here’s a tutorial explaining how you can setup your own custom YouTube player for your website.


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