Launches Online Marketplace for Video Advertising

Share on has launched a brand new online marketplace called “atm” for video advertising that the company is calling the first of its kind, with the aim of bringing the power of advertising exchanges to online video.

Ad exchanges have long been the norm for standard web advertising, with too many marketplace systems to name.  I’m sure many of you use one of them on your own websites. wants to bring the same control and power-to-connect to the world of video advertising. is a relatively young company—three years old—and aims to bridge the gap between the premium video content online (such as television shows, movies, music videos, and other professional content) and the user-generated content that propelled YouTube to prominence.

Their marketplace will allow content publishers, big and small, to sell ads on their videos to an established audience of advertisers (also both big and small).  It’s like eBay for video ads, but with a lot more customization and power.

For instance, publishers will have the ability to accept or decline each advertising bid individually, rather than the system just automatically matching content to ads.  Already publishers like Gannet, Demand Media, and OMG Digital are said to be testing the atm marketplace.

From the About page:

“As the industry has continued its rapid evolution, the insight we’ve gained in working with customers of our onesource ad management solution has fueled the development of new solutions to address emerging needs. atm, the marketplace, now meets the growing demand for a more efficient and transparent way for ad buyers and sellers to connect.”

This is just the first in an impending wave of similar services, as most of the existing display ad marketplaces are working on their own methods for including video content in their network.

It’s long overdue.  There’s a clear divide—a bit of a digital Grand Canyon—between content creators and advertisers, largely because of the exhaustive planning and premeditation that is usually required to execute an ad campaign.  The ability to simply connect the two groups in this way is the real breakthrough.

Real-time ad buying for online video has the potential to be game-changing.  It may not be that causes the revolution, but they just might be the snowball that starts the avalanche.

You can see the company’s press release here.


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