AccuStream Tallies Up 2011 Professional and User-Generated Video Content Numbers

AccuStream Tallies Up 2011 Professional and User-Generated Video Content Numbers

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Any guesses on what many views or how much time? Well, AccuStream took all the guesswork out of the equation with their latest research as they totaled up views and time spent watching profession and user-generated video content for all of last year. The numbers, are pretty large though growth did slow drastically from the year before. Probably because we peaked at that 180 million online video viewers number and there’s not much room for growth in that.

While professionally made content nabbed up 22.1% of of total views, user-generated content, including on social networks, took a whopping 77.9% according to the company. They also said that managed partner channel on YouTube account for 21.8% if content, “with other professional and semi-pro video viewed, shared, embedded, uploaded or modified. YouTube captured a 94% share of UGC views.”

TV on the web took a big step forward last year and pulled in 25.3% of all professional content views with “multi-genre aggregation site” pulling 22.5 and the combined entertainment and kids categories taking another 18.4%.

Of course, the major winner on YouTube was music videos with 38.4% of total views on “partner channels and search-related content plays,” that’s called the VEVO effect I think.

Overall, people watched more professionally made video content with the average up to 6.4 videos per month, per unique user. That’s a 3.2% increase over 2010 (which had a 51.2% increase itself).

UGC was not to be outdone and pulled in a large 80.7 views per Unique per month meaning that each person watched, on average around 1000 user-generated videos last year. That’s still a decrease of 12.1 from 2010, most likely due to the abundance of pro content on the web taking time away from browsing cat videos and junk shots (you know, people getting hit in the junk) on YouTube.

They also say that the audience for pro content is more than 3x larger than for UGC which means big bucks for advertisers who want to shift money and position ads against TV content on the web.

The total views for 2011 rounded out at 431.8 billion views in 2011,roughly 1.2 billion per day or about 36 billion a month. It’s up 43.2% and clocked in at 21.2 billion hours for an average of about 2.9 minutes per video view. They say the total time is estimated to be 5.2% of TV hours watched for the year.


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