New Deals Bring ABC Streaming Content To Amazon Prime & Netflix

New Deals Bring ABC Streaming Content To Amazon Prime & Netflix

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Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s one of the reasons that I like living in an area of the world that has four distinct seasons, even if three of them are far too short. None of that has anything to do with the content of the article, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween. Anyway, ABC and Amazon have agreed to put a load of new content on Prime which could begin to make it a serious contender for some of the other online streaming TV services out there like Hulu. They actually got some current season content which is the kicker. And ABC has also signed a similar deal with Netflix.

Amazon Prime & ABC Streaming Content Deal

The announcement made earlier today, says that Amazon Prime gets streaming rights to content from ABC Studios, Disney Channel, ABC Family and Marvel. Now some of this content is available elsewhere already so it’s not exclusive on any front, but it does add some value to Amazon Prime. Here’s the list of content:

  • Prior seasons of current ABC hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • All episodes of recent ABC favorite “Lost”
  • Prior seasons of Disney Channel’s popular animated series “Phineas & Ferb”
  • Prior seasons of ABC Family’s groundbreaking series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” including the most recently aired episodes from summer 2011
  • Prior seasons of Marvel’s animated shows “Spider-Man,” “X-Men Evolution,” “Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers” and “Iron Man: Extremis”
  • All episodes of ABC Family’s “Greek”
  • All episodes of “Felicity” from ABC Studios

So when you light up that Fire, you can watch all this with your free month of Amazon Prime. Flame on!

Netflix & ABC Streaming Content Deal

Amazon isn’t the only company ABC’s striking deals with, as they’ve also signed a similar deal with Netflix. It’s actually an extension of their original deal, and will bring ABC shows to Netflix streaming just 30-days after the new episodes air.

In addition to extending the life of the ABC content already on Netflix, the new deal will also bring shows like Alias, Switched At Birth (from ABC family), and something called Kick Buttowski. All episodes of recently-ended shows like Lost, Ugly Betty, and Brothers & Sisters will also be available.


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