92% of U.S. Millennials Turn to Second Screens While Watching TV

92% of U.S. Millennials Turn to Second Screens While Watching TV

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Most of us may still have a TV in the house somewhere, but more and more of us are consuming our favorite shows, and other online entertainment, via the wonder of the second screen. According to a new report from YuMe, 92% of U.S. based Millennials use a connection device whilst watching TV, with 47% using those second screens to gain further information related to the TV content they are watching. That presents a huge opportunity for advertisers, but who do they target, and how to they target them?

The YuMe study, compiled together with Nielsen, asserts that TV advertising dollars would be better spent if even a small percentage of the available paid advertising budget was shifted to connected devices, leading to a potential increase in reach of 8.2%. Based on the results of its findings, YuMe has launched an interactive new tool, the Reach Calculator, which predicts unduplicated multi-device reach for U.S. Individuals, something which it believes will be of real value to advertisers.

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Highlights of the Report: Consumer Behavior

  • 53% of the content we watch on tablet devices is entertainment related
  • 92% of Millennials access a connected device while watching TV
  • The average U.S. household is home to 4.4 connected devices (smartphone, Smart TV, etc,)

YuMe Reach Calculator: Potential Video Ad Targeting

reach calculatorYuMe’s new free calculator tool is designed to indicates how an advertiser’s reach would benefit from advertising on a number of connected and second screen devices. It allows users to select three different value options – total TV advertising budget, the percentage of budget that could be allocated to a digital platform, and the target demographic.

For example, if 7% of a $2.5 million advertising campaign was shifted to digital for the target demographic of women aged between 25 and 54, YuMe estimates that there could be a potential audience reach of 12.4%, compared to a 10.7% TV only reach. That’s a very significant increase for those kind of big budget campaigns, and although this is not being promoted as an optimization tool, it may come in handy for planning Q3/Q4 2014 campaigns, and into 2015.

You can download YuMe’s report here, and try out the interactive Reach Calculator here.



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