90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video – YouTube Dropping Bold Predictions

90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video – YouTube Dropping Bold Predictions

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YouTube’s Robert Kyncl, the head of global partnerships, took the stage today at CES 2012 and made some big, bold claims that ought to get any video marketer’s engine running. Chief among them, that very soon 90% of all web traffic will be video. While you pick your jaw up off the floor, imagine the possibilities for new clients the future holds for you!

90% of All Web Traffic Will Be Video

90% of all web traffic will be video. That’s just a huge, gaudy number designed to do one thing: get your attention. In my case, at least, mission accomplished. But they didn’t stop there… there were a few more gems as well.

Kyncl said that in the next 10 years, 75% of all new channels will be Internet channels. Makes sense, since pretty soon all channels (television or web) will be available on TVs, computers, and pretty much any device. Everything’s going to be Internet-based.

YouTube also logged a trillion hits in 2011. A trillion… with a “tr” in front. I love when YouTube drops statistical bombshells like this–and they always seem to do it in bunches, like a volley of artillery–they always breathe new life into my Power Point presentations. :)

Video Or Die?

You don’t have to be told what it means. It means video is not only the content variety of the moment, it’s the content variety of the future for years to come. It means video is everything, and any business–big or small–that refuses to believe that is taking a huge risk of being forgotten. Publishers are becoming brands, brands are becoming publishers… and it’s all video.

We’ll have a bit more of our thoughts on that concept soon in an article we’re finishing up, but one thing is clear: video is going to be in high demand, which means so are videographers, editors, SEO pros, and video marketers… like most of you. Stats like these are more than just impressive… they’re game-changing for video marketers, who should be able to take these numbers and use them to help close sales and land new clients.

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