7 Tips for Killer Instagram Marketing Videos

7 Tips for Killer Instagram Marketing Videos

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40% of the top 1000 most shared Instagram videos for last month were brand led and the platform is becoming increasingly important for both brands and agencies to publish their video content on. Instagram has 150 million active subscribers and 25% of Fortune 500 companies not only have a presence on the site but publish regular and consistent content. Instagram’s 15 second videos are creating twice the engagement of images on the site and not only are users watching but they are also sharing and embedding them. In today’s Creator’s Tip, we’re going to give you 7 tips on how to create awesome Instagram videos for your video marketing campaigns.

We’re excited about the possibilities of Instagram and bring you our top tips to get the most out of your marketing efforts, along with examples that illustrate our advice:

1. Use Your 15 Seconds To Tell A Story

Showing us something that’s happening in real time is cool, but try and set it within the context of a story so it has more meaning for the viewer. Instagram videos can be spontaneous but also consider what you are trying to achieve. That means thinking about the shoot ahead of time, considering each shot, each angle and how it adds to the value of the story you’re telling.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Personality

Instagram is a social platform so, even as a brand, you can use it to build a real human connection with your followers. People will follow you mostly for your likeability rather than the professionalism of your Instagram videos so make sure you build up those relationships and develop your personality within your video content. Find ways to be creative and engaged and let that come through the content you create.

3. Vary The Perspective Of Your Shot

Unless you’re doing a stop-motion piece, try a vary the perspectives of your shots as much as possible. Make the video more interesting by starting with a wide, establishing shot, then get close-up to the action, and end with revealing the effects or results of the action.

4. Capture The Clearest Audio You Can

People will be watching and listening to your Instagram video via their mobile phone speakers, and we all know that the sound quality can be very hit and miss. Make sure that you’re close enough to the subject to capture the audio you want your audience to clearly hear. Consider using a microphone to capture better audio, especially in a noisy environment.

5. Hold The Camera As Steady As Possible

Instagram is plagued by quick, jerky shots and the shakiness of the footage really detracts from the viewer’s experience of the video. Stop moving and set the phone down on or against a steady surface, or better still, mount it on a tripod. If you really must hold the phone, exhale and stand still. If you must move whilst filming then do it as smoothly as you possibly can. Consider keeping the central object stationary in the shot whilst you move with them, it really will make a difference to the end product.

6. Make A Good First Impression With A Great Thumbnail

Choose the best thumbnail that you can for your video. It’s the first thing that viewers see so you want to make the best impression you can. If you make the greatest Instagram video in the world but the thumbnail is uninspired then viewers aren’t going to click through to watch it. Pick a thumb that could stand alone as a photo, but also teases a larger story that entices people to watch.

7. Use The Best Video Equipment You Have Available

You don’t have to shoot and edit the Instagram videos on your phone, you can use normal camera equipment to produce the highest level of quality that you can. You can also edit it using your preferred software. Just shoot it with your usual camera, edit it down to 15 seconds, transfer it to your phone and then upload to Instagram. That means you can produce and publish very professional Instagram videos to your account for your followers to view and share.

Lets us know your Instagram video tips in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.


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