7 Very Cool IFTTT Recipes, Tasks & Tricks for YouTube

7 Very Cool IFTTT Recipes, Tasks & Tricks for YouTube

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If you haven’t got enough minutes in your working day to complete all the tasks you need to, then an automated system, or tool, can prove to be one of your most invaluable assets. In this post, we’re going to take a look at IFTTT, and how video marketers, bloggers, creators or anyone who wants to save a few minutes a day, can utilize the cloud-based software for their YouTube activity. IFTTT allows you to multitask and ‘connect the dots’ between your social media, and other online accounts. You create ‘tasks’ for each action you want to automate between your activated social accounts. If you’re not too familiar with IFTTT, then take a few minutes to watch the following video that walks you through the endless possibilities:

So open up IFTTT and let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use it for YouTube based activities:

Task #1: Post a YouTube Upload to a Facebook Page

youtube to facebookIf you upload a video to YouTube, and it’s content that you want those in your Facebook network to see, you can automate this process with just a few initial steps. First, activate your YouTube channel and your Facebook account. Then, using the following recipe, you confirm the parameters used eaifttch time the task is activated by an upload. For example,along with the YouTube URL, you can choose to include the title of the video, and/or the description, and/or the embed code. Obviously, the more information you provide to your Facebook page, the more the video is going to make sense to your subscribers. It’s also going to force you to be clearer in your metadata so that the information is carried across. IFTTT also provides a secondary description box that use can use, which is very handy, but remember, as this is an automated task, the same message will appear on every upload.

Task #2: Share Your Favorite YouTube Videos to Facebook as Link Posts

youtube facebook link postsOf course, you don’t have to create your own YouTube content if you want to share it on YouTube, you can post your favorite videos too. Using this Recipe, you can make sure that all of your Facebook friends know that you loved a YouTube video so much that you favorited it. The act of doing that will trigger a YouTube link post to Facebook. As with the previous Recipe, you can add extra information.

Task #3  If Favorite YouTuber Uploads a New Video, Send Me a Notification

youtube rss to smsIf you can’t wait to see the latest upload from your favorite YouTuber, then you can ask IFTTT to send a notification from their RSS feed to your phone. Using this Recipe as a starting point, find the RSS feed of the YouTube channel you’d like to receive notifications from. For instance, the RSS feed URL for the ReelSEO channel is:


So, if you wanted to know when we uploaded our Creator’s Tips or Behind the Reel videos via SMS, you’d add that URL to the Recipe. Easy :-) You can also send the RSS feed to GMail, Evernote, Dropbox, Kindle, Pocket and Feedly.

Task #4: Post a YouTube Favorite to Google+ With Circle Notifications

youtube google plusGoogle+ may be much maligned, but if you have an active account then posting curated YouTube content to it could benefit those in your circles. Begin with this Recipe, which is activated when you favorite a YouTube video, in a roundabout way. To post to your Google+ account, you’ll need to go via Gmail, but that does mean you can post to a specific G+ circle.

Task #5: Watch a YouTube Video Later on Google Glass

youtube google glassThose lucky enough to have own Google Glass (which is now anyone resident in the US with a spare $1500), can use IFTTT to send YouTube videos to the device to watch later. Using this Recipe, you can trigger the task to send a video to Glass everytime you add a new video to the end of your YouTube watch later playlist.


Task #6: Tweet Your Latest YouTube Favorites

youtube twitterIf you’re posting to Google+, Facebook and other places, then you may as well add Twitter to the list. This Recipe automatically posts a favorited video to your Twitter fee, and gives you various options to add extra information to that tweet, such as short message and/or the title, and the description, as well as the URL of course.

Task #7: Receive Reddit Notifications for YouTube Posts

reddit youtubeI’ll let you into a little secret – this is one of the Recipes I use the most. Reddit is known as the ‘Front Page of the Internet’ and it’s rare that any viral video, meme or other pop-culture reference hasn’t either originated on, or been promoted by, the site. There are around 20 subreddits that I  monitor for news and other information, so I set up an alert from each one that will send me an email notifying me of the top posts in each.

Do you have any favorite IFTTT tasks and Recipes? Let us know in the comments below!


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