68% of U.S. Viewers Choose YouTube to Watch Online Video

68% of U.S. Viewers Choose YouTube to Watch Online Video

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When it comes to online video consumption, YouTube is still the go-to site for the majority of viewers in the US, with live TV broadcasts, and VoD site Netflix coming in a way behind. According to a recent report, 68% of respondents said it was the Google owned video portal that fulfilled most of their video viewing needs, and 28% of respondents confirmed that they consumed 15 or more hours of streaming video content (including YouTube) through a game console or web TV device per week. The report, “Online Video: Look Who’s Watching Now“, from Adroit Digital, also reported that 75% of households watched more than one source of online video, often at the very same time.

Highlights of the Report: Who is Watching Online Video and How

  • 63% of respondents confirmed they would cancel their cable subscription if an online provider could satisfy their broadcast TV viewing needs
  • 68% of all viewers surveyed are consuming video content from YouTube,
  • 36% of all respondents stated that more than 50% of their video consumption is on-demand as opposed to live broadcast television.
  • 28% of respondents indicated they consume 15 or more hours of streaming video content through a game console or web TV device weekly.

YouTube is Biggest Source of Video Consumption

In terms of video consumption, YouTube is the leading provider of content with 68% indicating that they netflix youtubevisited the site to watch videos. 51% of respondents confirmed that live TV broadcasts were another source for them, along with Netflix (49%), DVR (30%), and web-enabled OTT devices such as Roku, Chromecast, and the PS4 (25%).

There appears to be a slight difference in the way each gender consumes video, particularly in relation to Netflix and DVR. Women tip the balance as the biggest users of Netflix, 56% compared to 43% of men. Men are using DVRs less than women at 28% compared to 32%. Both indicated approximately the same level of consumption for live television.

When it came to confirming the time of day that the respondents watched the majority of online video, 67% stated that they were mostly likely to watch during the latter part of the day, between 4pm and midnight.

70% were happy to watch video content all by themselves, with 30% confirming they were more likely to share their viewing with friends or family members.

75% of Households Often Watch at Least Two Sources of Video

second screenWhen it comes to accessing video content in the home, only 9% of respondents indicated that nobody else turned to a second screen device, like a tablet or another mobile device, or to a Connected TV or gaming console, to watch online video.

An overwhelmingly majority of those taking part in the survey – 75% – confirmed that there is someone else in the home that is consuming video via a secondary source at the same time.

Of that 75%, 30% stated that there were often multiple people watching video content via different devices.

59% believed that their television set was becoming more of a monitor, than a central point to access broadcast content. The set is increasingly being used to display online video content, and VoD from OTT boxes, gaming consoles and other devices. 69% of the men surveyed indicated that this was true for them.


Online Video Consumption and Gaming Consoles

online video games consoles28% of respondents to the survey confirmed that they watched 15 hours a week or more via their games console or other web TV device. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s the male demographic that devotes the most time to this pursuit, between five and fifteen hours a week. 33% of those aged 35-44 indicated that they watched 15+ hours of streaming video content per week making them the most enthusiastic age group.


The survey targeted a random sample of United States consumers who self-identified as 18 years of age or older and owning a television, smartphone, and personal computer or laptop. The study garnered 2,000 completed surveys and can be downloaded here (registration required).


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