65% of Marketers to Produce 10+ Videos for Marketing Purposes in 2013 [Report]

65% of Marketers to Produce 10+ Videos for Marketing Purposes in 2013 [Report]

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2013-video-marketing-report-youtube advertising Video content is fantastically adaptable depending on the budget, technology and resources available. In our 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, published in conjunction with The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media, we take a look at the types of video being produced by businesses and how they are publishing and distributing them.

Video Content & Video Production Trends for Marketing

Of the 600 respondents to the survey, all actively involved in marketing or decision making about marketing budgets, we established the following:

  • 84% have used video as part of their website marketing content.
  • 65% have used YouTube as a marketing tool.
  • 56% have produced a motion graphic video.
  • 68% have produced a testimonial video.
  • 21% have produced 12-50 videos in 2013.

Quantity of Video Content:

65% of survey respondents confirmed that their company plans to use 10 or more videos in 2013 for marketing purposes, with 25% stating their company will use more than 50 videos as part of their online marketing campaigns. This increase in video use could be attributed to three factors, #1) the decreasing cost of video production, #2) the increased use of smartphones to shoot footage (although these don’t always lend themselves to a professional finish) and #3) an increase in video marketing budget.


Types/Styles of Video Content:

Our survey confirmed that a wide range of video styles were being used by companies in their video marketing campaigns with the most popular being on-location shoot videos (73%) and interview/testimonial style (68%). Presentation videos were favored by 58% of respondents with 56% confirming that had produced a motion graphic/animation video.


Marketing Purposes for Produced Video Content

The integration of video into a marketing campaign can take many forms – because it’s that flexible!. The majority of the marketing professionals we surveyed confirmed that they used video on their organization’s website (84%), posted videos to YouTube (65%) and posted to social media networking sites (62%). 60% of marketers are also actively using video in their email marketing, 49% for sales lead generation, 40% in online advertising and 39% for organic search engine marketing. (32%). Over a quarter are using video for in-house training and communication.


The way businesses are using video has changed over the past year with the use of video on company websites up by 17% compared to 2012. The use of online video for generating sales leads has also seen a significant year-on-year increase, growing from one third of companies in 2012 to one half (49%) in 2013.


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