50% of Video Views Will Be Via Mobile in 2016 [Research]

50% of Video Views Will Be Via Mobile in 2016 [Research]

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27% of consumers are already watching online video via their mobile device, but that figure is set to double in 2016, when around 50% of us will regularly turn to our smartphones and tablets to watch the clips we want to. And, according to the new Ooyala Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report, the bigger the mobile screen the better as far as viewers are concerned.

When it came to watching online video in Q2 2014, consumers turned to different sources, depending on the length of the video they intended to watch. 45% of mobile videos viewed were less than 6 minutes, but we watched long-form videos, those over 10 minutes, on bigger screens like tablets and connected TVs. A quarter of the time, tablets were the preferred choice to watch videos that ran between 30 and 60 mins, while over 50% viewers turned to their Connected TVs to watch videos of the same length.

Highlights of the Report: Online Video Viewing Habits Q2 2014

  • 81% of consumers watched videos longer than 10 minutes on their Connected TVs, 65% watched videos longer than 30 minutes.
  • Mobile video views have increased by 400% in the last 2 years
  • On tablets, viewers spent 23% of their time watching video of 30-60 minutes in length, more than on any other device.
  • Viewers spent 40% more time watching videos on desktops when it rained
  • 45% of mobile videos viewed were less than 6 minutes

Mobile Video Views Grow 400% in 2 Years

Ooyala highlights the fact that mobile video viewing has more than doubled in the last 12 months, an increase of 127%, which is more than 27% of all online video viewing. Even more impressively, that a growth of 400% in just 2 years.

the rise of mobile video 2014

Ooyala also reference Cisco, who predict that online video will grab a 69% share of total internet traffic by 2018, and indicate that more bandwidth capacity, and increasingly affordable and innovative devices means this estimate is on target.

Video Length and the Multi-screen Experience

In Q2 2014, the share of time watched for videos over 10 minutes in length was 81% for Connected TVs, 70% for tablets, 62% for desktops and 49% for smartphones. Connected TV also remained the vehicle of choice for videos over 30 minutes for 50% of viewers. For video content over 60 minutes long, 19% of viewers watched via their tablets, 9% via their smartphone, and 8% via their desktop.

Short videos, those between 1-3 minutes long were the most played, regardless of how they were consumed by the viewer.

video length and multi screen viewing

Rainy Days Effect Video Viewing Habits

Ooyala also took a look at the role the weather plays in video viewing. Unsurprisingly, people spent 40% more time watching video on their desktops when it was raining. However, when the weather was lovely and sunny, viewers watched 6x more video content on their mobile devices!

video viewing and the weather


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