5 Tips for Shooting Professional Hyperlapse App Videos

5 Tips for Shooting Professional Hyperlapse App Videos

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Videos shot with Instragram’s Hyperlapse app can be a very powerful tool for any video marketing campaign, and on this week’s Creator’s Tip we show you how to create the best Hyperlapse video content. Last week, we suggested 5 ways to use Instagram’s Hyperlapse App for video marketing, and how time-lapse footage is great for creating all kinds of videos for your brand. This post will discuss the best production techniques to get the most out of this app.

#1 Remember the 15-sec Time Limit on Instagram

The majority of brands and creators will upload their Hyperlapse videos to Instagram (the owners of the app), so make sure to remember that Instagram Video has a 15-sec time limit. Using the Hyperlapse app, you can speed up filming by a maximum of 12x, which means that you can film 3 minutes worth of footage to get a 15-sec Hyperlapse clip. You can film as much footage as you want via the app, but you’ll need to trim the video when uploading to Instagram.

For Instagram, choose the following playback speeds when filming:

  • 01-15 seconds – move slider to 1x
  • 16-30 seconds – move slider to 2x
  • 31-60 seconds – move slider to 4x
  • 61-90 seconds – move slider to 6x
  • 91-120 seconds – move slider to 8x
  • 121-150 seconds – move slider to 10x
  • 151-180 seconds – move slider to 12x

#2 Hyperlapse App Records in 1:1 Aspect Ratio

Remember that the Hyperlapse app records in 1:1 aspect ratio, but once you upload the footage to Instagram, you are going to lose the sides. So, keep the subject of your video as central as possible. If your subject drifts too far to the left, or to the right, then you run the risk of the final shot being ruined.

#3 Set The Right Exposure While Recording

The Hyperlapse app doesn’t really account for any change in lighting conditions, but luckily there is a very simple fix for this. Just tap the camera gently on the spot you want the app to focus on, and the app will automatically adjust while it is recording. This will modify the exposure and focus settings accordingly.

#4 Stabilize the Camera For Shooting Professional Video

That doesn’t necessarily mean locking the camera down to a tripod, although of course this is always an option. But the great thing about the Hyperlapse app is that it has image stabilization built in, so as long as you can hold your smartphone relatively still, you will capture some decent footage. The more stable you can make the smartphone though, the better the video.

#5 Make Sure to Add a Separate Audio Track

The Hyperlapse app doesn’t record audio, but you can add a soundtrack or backing music when you are editing the video. Need some music? Read our in-depth post on sourcing free royalty-free music for your videos.

What tips do you have for shooting really professional Hyperlapse app videos on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!


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