How 5-Minute Craft’s Share of Voice Dominates Home & DIY on YouTube

How 5-Minute Craft’s Share of Voice Dominates Home & DIY on YouTube

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What comes to mind when you think about the most popular topics on YouTube? Gaming? Music? You’d be right on both accounts, but another genre has gained recent traction across the online video platform. It’s a trend we discovered in our most recent State of Online Video (SOOV) report for Q3 2018: home and DIY videos are quickly growing in popularity.

That’s right — videos about crafts, interior design and decorating, do-it-yourself projects, and more clips on how to make your very own “home sweet home” were some of the most-watched clips on all of YouTube in the 2nd quarter of this year. 5-Minute Crafts in particular stood out among other creators, as it claimed a good percentage of the views on that platform. Check out these insights we found when we analyzed the growth of DIY and home content on YouTube for this last quarter!

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Home and DIY Videos Are Gaining More and More Views

For starters, let’s take a look at insights on this genre as a whole. Tubular’s Q3 SOOV report uncovered how home and DIY content are some of the highest growth verticals on YouTube with low competition and publisher saturation. This genre saw an impressive 38% increase in views from Q1 to Q2 thanks to 859 million views gained during that time! By the second quarter, audiences were contributing over 3 billion total views to home and DIY videos on YouTube alone. Additionally, in Q2 alone, this genre saw a growth of 12.5% thanks to 12.4 billion views. This put home & DIY content in the enviable position of outpacing some of the most typically-popular genres on YouTube, such as beauty (at a 10.1% increase) and gaming (an 8.6% increase).

Surprisingly, DIY-centered content had significantly fewer views than either of those topics; for example, beauty pulled in 24.7 billion views and gaming saw 139 billion views, compared to DIY and home’s “mere” 12.4 billion. So how does that work? Quite simply, home and DIY content saw an increase in views per video, without any substantial increase in video uploads or competitors. We discovered roughly 3000 home and DIY videos on YouTube, the same amount of videos as were around in Q1, too. Clearly, there’s lots of potential here for new brands to enter the market (we’ll talk about this more later on).

Genre Opportunities on YouTube by Genre Q2 2018 (Tubular Labs State of Online Video Report Q3 2018)

The Honor of Biggest DIY & Home Creator Goes to 5-Minute Crafts

In terms of channels dominating this space, 5-Minute Crafts is clearly leading the pack of DIY and home content creators over the last few months. The channel owned a solid 60% of the genre’s total Q2 views across all home & DIY views on YouTube alone! Plus, over 50% of these views were on “hack” content, which teach audiences how to change, adjust, construct, and generally hack their way into making a more useful, efficient house or lifestyle. Check out the video below, which gained 51.7 million views because people are super curious about unique ways to use balloons:

If you follow our monthly leaderboards at all, these numbers shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. The Cyprus-based 5-Minute Crafts is routinely in the top ten most-watched creators globally and on YouTube. In August, for example, the channel landed at #3 for most-viewed creators around the world, and was #7 on the most-viewed YouTube leaderboard. And without a lot of competition in its space, 5-Minute Crafts probably won’t be seeing slow growth anytime soon!

How to Make DIY & Home Content Part of Your Brand

Speaking of competition, if you take anything away from this article, I want you to remember the phrase “low competition and publisher saturation.” Brands have a golden opportunity to join in on all the home and DIY fun because the genre simply isn’t saturated — yet. While the DIY giant 5-Minute Crafts might have the corner on the market for the moment, there’s lots of space for new creators and channels to grow.

For starters, if you’re already in an industry related to home improvement, DIY, or crafting, you have no excuse to not be on YouTube and other social video outlets and actively trying to grow them. The growth and insights we saw above prove the demand is there to watch home and DIY videos, so you have nothing to lose at this point! Start simple if the task seems daunting; for example, release a weekly video series on how to better clean a home with products viewers may already own.

You can also take a cue from a previous article I wrote about how TV networks can utilize the thriving “room tours” trend from Tubular’s last SOOV report. In that article, I pointed out how video showrunners should always consider sponsoring content, and the same can be said for home and DIY! You can do this even if you’re not a home improvement or DIY-style company; with the right insights, you can determine if your audience has similar interests to those in the home sector. It’d make sense, for example, to see a food or beverage company host a series of kitchen hack videos.

Over the next few months, we’ll keep an eye on the rise of home and DIY content. With how quickly it’s growing, we don’t expect to see a slowdown anytime soon, especially if video showrunners jump on the opportunity to start publishing their own video content in this space. We see more hack videos in our future, and we’re stoked about it!

Download the New Q3 2018 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends


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