42 Of The Most Important Online Video Posts Of 2013

42 Of The Most Important Online Video Posts Of 2013

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The online video and internet marketing industries are invariably forward-looking. So, why should internet marketers and video content producers spend any time looking back at the top stories of 2013? Well, 42 of them provide the “Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.” Actually, I spent most of the weekend trying to select 42 ReelSEO stories that will continue to be told around campfires in 2014, but I kept coming up with six categories with nine posts in each category. “What do you get if you multiply six by nine?” You get a total of 54 stories, not 42, that will continue to re-shape the world of online video well into the future. In other words, I had the wrong answer to the perennial question. So, without Deep Thought, here’s my take on the top 42 54 stories published in ReelSEO during 2013:

Top Video Industry News (and Developments)

YouTube Changes Ad Revenue Percentage Share, Big Partners Could Benefit

youtube abuse

In order to attract premium content to the site in the past, YouTube have given the big broadcasting networks a much more favorable share of ad revenue. That’s all set to change as YouTube are updating their advertising rate card to a flat 55% for all partners, no matter their status.

Facebook Autoplay Video Ads Pushed Back To 2014

facebook video ads

Facebook are rumored to be stalling their roll out of autoplay video ads yet again. Issues with user experience have dogged the project for months and now it looks like both the site and their potential advertisers will miss out on the run up to the holiday season.

How the Acquisition of Adapt.tv Made AOL the #1 Video Ad Property


For the first time ever, AOL has overtaken Google as the number one video ad property, according to the new online video rankings report from comScore. AOL served up 3.7 billion ad impressions last month, which is the largest number by a single property ever recorded by comScore Video Metrix.

Netflix Wins First Major Emmy Award for Web Series House Of Cards

house of cards netflix emmy

Netflix has picked up three Emmys for its original content series ‘House of Cards’ including Best Director. It represents a milestone for the company as the first web series to ever win a major Emmy award.

The Online TV Network That Cried Wolf: Hulu Doesn’t Sell Again

hulu year end

Hulu didn’t sell again. Back in 2011, it looked like it was hot to sell and then it pulled out at the last minute. And this year, it looked like it was hot to sell again. But Hulu has proven to be one big tease again in 2013.


Facebook, Instagram Officially Announce Video Feature: 15 Seconds of Video Sharing

instagram video

Instagram’s long-rumored video app is here. And it takes video for 15 seconds! And there are filters! Features and things! Does this mean the end of Vine? In the end, it all comes down to how each video-sharing app decides to one-up each other.


Viacom Comes Up Short against Google/YouTube in Court Once More


YouTube-Viacom: Round II went to YouTube thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Because YouTube has policies in place that take down copyrighted material when they are told about it, a Federal Court has denied Viacom’s appeal.

Will Vine Prove A Game Changer For Video Creators?

vineapp logo

Those of you who have spent any time at all on Twitter in the last couple of days can’t have failed to have noticed at least some mention of Vine, the new video-tweeting app. And by video, we mean a maximum of 6 seconds of moving images, looped continuously in an animated GIF-like fashion.


YouTube, VEVO to Continue Making Sweet Music Together

vevo youtube

YouTube and VEVO have agreed to a deal to keep the music network playing their videos on the site. After months of speculation as to where VEVO would end up, both parties agreed to keep their lucrative relationship alive, which is totally the right thing to do.

Top New Video Tools and Software (or YouTube Features)

New YouTube Comments System Rolling Out Right Now

new youtube comments

YouTube promised more control over negative, spammy, insulting and inflammatory comments left by others and today they are making their new comments system available to all users across the site. They really, really want you to sign up to Google+ though.

Want to Buffer YouTube Videos While on Pause? Try These Browser Add-Ons


Do you hate that YouTube’s buffering capability only works when the video is actually playing? Do you want buffering to happen while the video is paused? Here are a couple of browser add-ons that will help you do that


YouTube Adds a Dose of SloMo to YouTube Editor

old school

YouTube introduces SloMo to their YouTube Editor! Now you can totally take that video that is ridiculously normal in its speed and make it slower! SloMo videos tend to be a pretty cool spectacle on YouTube, so it’s no surprise that they’re adding it to their in-house editor.

Google+ Hangouts-On-Air Now Feature Live Rewind, Instant Publishing

google+ rewind

Google+ Hangouts-On-Air have added some nifty features: live rewind for those who can’t stay at their screens during certain moments of the live stream, instant publishing for those who want to watch the hangout immediately after it has aired, and better mobile video quality.

How to Link YouTube and Google+ Pages, Multi-Admin Management Now Possible


YouTube and Google+ Business Page Integration is now here, complete with multi-admin user capabilities so that you can have multiple users uploading and managing videos on your channel. People have been able to link their YouTube channels to their Google+ profiles for a while now, but now those with pages can do it, and there was much rejoicing.

An In-Depth Look at Adobe’s Next Generation of Pro Video Apps


Adobe is revealing the next generation of their professional video and audio products: Adobe Story, Prelude, Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, SpeedGrade and Media Encoder. The company is clearly embracing the market for video production and is ever more committed to delivering value to pros from pre to post – and then some – AND, ReelSEO got a sneak peek look at the new features.

YouTube’s ‘Subscribe’ Trailer: An Intriguing Part of the New Channel Design


With everyone able to opt in on the new YouTube channel design, there is one particularly intriguing feature in which content creators should take advantage: the subscribe trailer, which will be visible to only the people who visit the channel page who are not subscribed.

YouTube Introduces ‘One Channel’: New Design Starts Rolling Out

youtube onechannel

YouTube is rolling out the new channel design called One Channel. And it looks like all the partners and businesses of the world now have access to it after the initial test for a few partners in the past month. The new channel design promises a consistent look across all devices, plus a few more bells and whistles.

YouTube Will Have Paid Subscription Channels Soon


It looks like paywalls are coming to YouTube, as the Google-owned company will be looking to attract advertisers with channels that can boast a monthly fee.  Several channel producers have been approached to send in applications to create channels that will be behind a paywall.  …

Top New YouTube Statistics (and Confirmations):

YouTube: 33% of Total View Time Is Long Form Content


Long form video content accounts for a third of view time on YouTube, that’s video that lasts over 20 minutes or more. Not everyone is watching 30 second clips of car crashes or talking cats and YouTube’s encouragement of longer form quality content looks like it’s paying off.

Smartphone and Tablet Traffic Now Accounts For 41% of YouTube Views

youtube mobile

With the increasing reliance we have on our smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise to hear that mobile views to YouTube now stand at 41%, an increase of 35% since 2011. That figure includes mobile traffic from tablets as well as smartphones.

PewDiePie Is the New #1, Dethroning 7-Month Smosh Reign


It was inevitable: PewDiePie glided past Smosh for the #1 most-subscribed YouTube channel. Meanwhile…PewDiePie’s reign may be threatened by…YouTube? Will that even count? Anyway, video gamecasting is huge and it didn’t need proof, but it’s now at #1.

YouTube Hit 75 Million Facebook Fans, Rewards Us with Playlist

youtube facebook likes

Social media interaction has always played a huge role in YouTube’s success and today they gained their 75th Million Like on Facebook. As a celebration, they’ve put together 20 of top videos most shared by their Facebook community over the past few years.

YouTube: 100 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute


YouTube is announcing 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. It tells us that YouTube continues to grow and that’s great. But more content being uploaded to YouTube means it will require more effort to get noticed, and you need to be prepared to do the work.

We Now Watch 6 Billion Hours of Content a Month on YouTube

youtube revenue

Really? 6 billion hours a month? How do we have time to do anything at that rate? Anyway, YouTube is announcing in the middle of NewFront Week that the amount of hours we spend on YouTube has increased by 50 percent from 4 billion to 6 billion hours a month, and that’s crazy.

YouTube Hits A Billion Unique Views A Month

YouTube Play

YouTube, the world’s leading video search engine have announced they have hit a Billion unique views per month. That equates to about 15% of the world’s population and would make YouTube, if it were a country, the third largest in the world after China and India.

Sesame Street Hits A Billion Views: First Non-Profit to Hit Milestone


Sesame Street did it! It hit a billion views and their very own Count Von Count is singing a thank you video to everyone who contributed. Can he count all the “yous” in YouTube? He certainly can! He’s the Count! Sesame Street’s milestone is much-needed good news for the non-profit, a show that almost everyone has grown up with in their lifetime.

YouTube’s 8th Birthday: From Zero to 4+ Billion Views


YouTube was founded on this day in 2005. It has become a cultural phenomenon and it gets bigger all the time, with so much video your head will explode. Our friends at Shorty Media have provided a handy infographic to detail all the milestones in YouTube’s short history.

Top 10 Lists (and Variations):

YouTube’s Top Trending Videos and Video Ads of 2013

girls don't poop

YouTube have released their top trending ads and videos of 2013 and it includes almost all the ones you would expect – from Harlem Shake to Van Dame’s splits to those dancing Evian babies. In the top ten trending videos, three branded ads make the list for the first time.


Samsung Is the Most Socially Shared Video Brand Of 2013

Top10brands_v3 (2)

Samsung is the overwhelming winner in the most shared social video brands of 2013. GEICO and their Hump-Day camel come in second, with Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” a close third. We also loved campaigns by Kmart, Evian and Pepsi – but not Coca Cola.

25 Top YouTube Business Power Players for 2013 – Thumbs Up!


Welcome to our 2013 list of the up and coming new media whizzes within the business of YouTube – a list of the most prolific business minds who will undoubtedly be shaping the face of digital, social media, and entertainment as we know it in the years to come.

The Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013

geico hump day video adDove, GEICO, Evian, Kmart and Budweiser all rank amongst the most shared video ads of 2013 but there are also some surprises in the list such as the appearance of Volvo and their Jean-Claude Van Damme splits routine which has already attracted 1.82 million shares only 8 days after its release.

40% of Top 1000 Shared Instagram Videos Are Brand Led, Snoopy Is Top Dog

snoopygramInstagram Video only launched in June but it’s already attracting huge brand attention. 40% of the top 1000 shared Instagram videos last month were brand led, with Peanuts, GE, Nike, MTV, Disney and Red Bull all benefiting from super short form video marketing.

Unruly Unveils Top Vine Metrics and 100 Most Tweeted Vines

vine-appUnruly has come out with their “100 Most Tweeted Vines” list. 5 Vines are shared every second and are 4 times as likely to be shared than branded online videos. What this means is incredible opportunities for brands to take advantage of the 6-second platform.

Top 10 YouTube Viewership Outside of U.S.

world mapA pretty neat infographic shows the top 10 countries outside of the U.S. in YouTube viewership, once again stressing that YouTube has a global presence and that being able to appeal to as many people as possible can only benefit your videos in the long run.

YouTube Crowns Ad Blitz Winners Picked By the Fans

adblitzfarmerYouTube just announced the winners of their Ad Blitz campaign, as picked by the viewers. Dramatic ads ruled the roost this year and the top 5 reflects that. We also talked to Michael Yapp at YouTube about this year’s results.


The Top 10 Shared Super Bowl Ads, According to Unruly

unrulysharedThe thing about Super Bowl advertising is that it’s not really done after the game has finished.  Super Bowl ads have “long tail” possibilities, and get extra attention the next year, especially if they are particularly memorable.



Top Video Trends and Research (aka Reports and Studies)

2013 Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report

2013-video-marketing-surveyA new report from ReelSEO, Flimp Media and The WMC confirms that 93% of marketing professionals surveyed are using video as part of their mix, with 82% stating they are very satisfied with the ROI they are seeing with their video marketing campaigns.

Online Video Uploads Double In Past Four Years, 35% Hope to Go Viral

rise on online video 201378% of Americans watch online video and 31% of them are uploading videos to sites like YouTube or Facebook. 5% confirmed that they regret doing this while a third hopes to go viral with their video creation. Learn more from the Pew Online Video Report for 2013.

Online Video Consumption Continues To Grow: Mobile, Tablet Use Booms

ooyala video index 2013 Q2Online video consumption continues to grow at an extraordinary rate and smartphones and tablets are becoming the norm for watching both live streamed and VoD content. A new report from Ooyala confirms our viewing habits for Q2 of this year and what that means for brands and marketers.

Second Screen Video Ad Viewing Peaks during Prime Time Hours

second screen android primetimeViewers of online content are more likely to use their smartphones or tablets in the evening during the latter part of the week than any other time says a new report from Tubemogul. While this makes sense, it’s interesting to see how iOS users are turning to their iPads rather than their iPhones during this time.

How the Top 100 Brands Use YouTube for Marketing

pixability featurePixability just did a report on the top 100 brands and how they use YouTube. These brands have a “YouTube Creator Playbook” mentality when it comes to publishing content, using the proper SEO, implementing strong social media practices, and more.

Wait A Minute…DON’T Be Funny, Says Unruly in ‘Science of Sharing’ Report

performance masksA new white paper from Unruly called “The Science of Sharing” says stop trying to be funny, launch your campaigns on Wednesday for the best sharing, and try to have more than one emotional trigger in your ads.


Do YouTube Movie Trailer Searches Correlate to Box Office Success?

movie previews box officeAre YouTube search queries an indicator of a movie’s success? It should come as no surprise that the most popular movies are also the one people search for the most, but how predictive are they when you compare the data between different movies? Google found some answers.

Video Snippets Continue to Dominate Google Universal Search Results

video-universal-snippetsGoogle Universal Search results have always looked very favorably on video content and a new report from our friends at Searchmetrics confirms that video content is still the best vertical to use. Oh, and (surprise) you have even more chance of appearing if that video is hosted on YouTube.

Viral Reach, Engagement of Videos from Facebook Are Better Than YouTube Links?

facevsyoutubeSocialBakers has conducted a study pitting videos uploaded natively to Facebook versus simply providing the link from YouTube.  They found in one study that Facebook videos have a 40% higher engagement than YouTube links, and in another study, found that Facebook videos have 10 times more viral reach than YouTube links.

Top Video Industry Events (e.g. the 2013 ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit)

The Video Metrics That Matter. Hint: It’s Not Views

video metrics that matterThe final panel of the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was “Video Metrics that Matter and Tools I Wish I’d Created.” There are some really cool tools out there for brands to really interact with their community. That is, if they decide to do YouTube the right way.

Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign

video tips and best practicesOur next-to-last panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was “Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity,” and we had experts from TubeMogul, Google, Essence, and Mediasmith telling us all about the best practices when it comes to advertising in online video.

The Online Video Battle of Content vs. Community: Which Rules?

content vs communityOur panel, “Content vs. Community – Which Is King?” featured a host of great experts discussing whether it’s the great content or a solid community that creates success in online video. It shouldn’t surprise you that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

Going Beyond Awareness to Advocacy: Marketing Video across the Customer Lifecycle

awarenessThere are 8 phases of the customer life cycle, and video can play a part in all of those…from the time that you make people aware that you exist to the point where they become your most vocal cheerleaders, video can and should be a part of each step.

Quick Video Tips from Experts at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit

quick video business tipsAt the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we asked some of the experts, who just-so-happened to be walking around, what kind of tips they would give to creators when they’re launching their videos. Suzie Reider, Jim Louderback, and many more offer their thoughts.

Creative Approaches to Video Storytelling for Brands

creative storytellingWe had representatives at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit from major digital production agencies Mekanism, Adjust Your Set, Salesforce, Portal A, and New Antics talk about the value of storytelling and their interactions with brands when they pitch ideas. There is a tremendous wealth of information here.

How Brands Should Engage in the Participation Age: YouTube’s Keynote @ the 2013 Video Marketing Summit

suzie reiderAll of our videos concerning the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit are up to view at your leisure. Kicking the Summit off was Google’s Suzie Reider, who told us about Generation C, the group of people who are very connected to social media. How do we reach those people?

Video is No Longer an Option, It’s Go**amn Mandatory

mandatoryVisitors to the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit were given a strong introduction to the proceedings with a video from Bonfire Labs, which declared that, “Video Is Mandatory.” Here’s a look at the video, and once you’ve seen it…is video mandatory?

Is YouTube’s Business Model Broken? What about Vine or Instagram?

downloadedSome notes on Revision3’s live recording of downLOADED at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, and who’s “winning” in the social media race between YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. The answer is: whatever floats your boat, of course.


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