3 Tips That Will Help Save Money on Your Next Video Project

3 Tips That Will Help Save Money on Your Next Video Project

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So many businesses seem to view video content as a luxury item, one that typically will cost thousands of dollars and doesn’t provide any measurable return of investment. As a result of this thinking, many businesses tend to often put video on their future to-do lists, noting it as something to invest in when they have a larger budget to work with. This doesn’t have to be the case though.

Video can be an incredibly useful storytelling medium which enables you to compel, convert and connect with leads in a much better way than other methods such as traditional text-based marketing. Despite all of the benefits, many businesses believe that getting a professional video produce isn’t worth the time and effort. Getting a video produced for your business can be daunting but if you do your research, find the right production partner to work with and educate yourself on the video production process, you can learn some tricks and tips to make the whole project cheaper.

If your business is one of the many that is putting video marketing off, learning about some ways to cut your costs can go a long way in changing your mind. Below are some tips that will allow any business to cut their costs on a video project:

#1 Give the Production Company with As Much Info as You Can

When you work with a professional production company, at the end of the day, what you’re mostly paying for is their expertise and their time. If you can cut the amount of work the company needs to put in to help you finish your project, you’ll be saving time and therefore money. So how exactly can you save their time? A few quick ways to do that include the following:

  • Brainstorm concept ideas. Form an idea of who your target audience is, what message you want to get across to them and how you want to get the message across to them.
  • Work on a rough script with supporting visuals. Thanks to Google, even people new to the video production process can find out that a script is roughly 60 words per minute. Based on that information, try to write a script with your video length in mind. You can go one step further by splitting each part of your script with supporting visuals (which is exactly what a video production company would do).
  • Provide information. You are the expert in your industry; as a result, you need to get the video production company on the same page as you so they can help you finish the project the way you want it. Providing the company information about your business, your goals, your target audience, etc. will go a long way in helping them get up to speed and understand what needs to be accomplished.

#2 Always Shoot Multipurpose Footage

If you plan on making multiple videos as part of a larger project or if you think you may want to do another video in the future, you have to make the most of your time on shoot days. Think about footage you can capture that will allow you to produce multiple videos as opposed to just one. Based on the purpose of your video project, you may be able to capture footage and save time for both the production company and for yourself.

For example, if you are shooting a CEO interview, you may want to organize the CEO talking about another aspect of your business for a future video. Since the CEO is already on set and the production crew is already shooting, that extra time to capture the footage may end up saving you both time and money in the long run. Another example would be capturing b-roll footage of your office space, retail store, etc. This can come in handy as part of a “video tour” on your website, for parts of your current video project and potentially future projects too.

To best take advantage of shooting multipurpose footage, you should think about various scenes that may come in handy. Based on the script and storyboard for your project, you should discuss the multipurpose footage with the production company you are working with before shoot day.

#3 Create a Video without Capturing Any Footage

Although getting your own footage can come in very handy and is often necessary, it isn’t needed all the time. In some cases, creating a video with capturing any footage may be cheaper. This is where animations and stock footage come in handy. In some cases, shooting certain scenes is great but why pay for everything when the stock footage would be a cheaper alternative and still provide the same end result? Furthermore, depending on the needs of your video, a whiteboard animation may be the perfect cost-efficient solution.

When brainstorming an idea, thinking about what kind of video you want and writing the accompanying visuals as part of your script can go a long way in identifying what type of footage is needed to put together your video. In cases where an animation may get your message across, it is worthy of exploring the option as a means to save money. Furthermore, noting the visuals may help you identify where you can potentially save money and utilize stock footage instead. This step can really save both time and money, which will provide a faster project turn around for a more budget-friendly price. However, don’t fall into the trap of using cliché footage to save time or you’ll end up with something like this;

Now that you have learned some tips and tricks on driving down the cost of video production, your business’s video project should definitely be moving up a few spots on your to-do list.

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