3 Simple Tips to Make Better Training Videos

3 Simple Tips to Make Better Training Videos

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip, we bring you 3 short, sharp but very useful tips to make your training, how-to, and informational videos as effective as possible. The longer you can keep your viewers’ attention, the higher your engagement will be, and the better your video will perform!

How to Make a How-to Video That Captures the Viewer’s Attention

Jeremy Vest of VidPow makes a lot of training content for video marketers and he gave ReelSEO 3 great tips making how-to videos that really work at capturing the viewer’ attention.

Tip #1: Show the Whites of the Presenters Eyes

Jvideo tiperemy’s most important tip is to show people the white of the presenters eyes. If people don’t see this, they tend to disengage which means they are more inclined to bail, which leads to a poor engagement rate, and on YouTube will effect Watch Time metrics. Film in tight so you capture as much of the presenter’s features as possible.

Tip #2 Use a Medium Shot to Film

video tipUse a medium shot when filming your host so that you keep the focus on them. In too close may be counter-productive, while filming at long-range means that you may miss capturing the presenters eyes.

Tip #3 Change the Shot to Keep the Viewer’s Attention 

video tipChange up the scene every five to ten seconds. As the viewer, when you are learning, your mind can sometimes wander, so using visual clues in a training video, like a change of scene, a different shot, or the use of a graphic, will draw the viewer back in. Audio features, like the sound of a bell, will also work well for re-engaging the viewer if they become distracted. It’s absolutely critical to refresh the viewer’s brain every few seconds when you are trying to train them or you will lose them.

Let us know your tips and tricks for making How-to videos in the comments below.

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November 2018

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