3 Reasons Marketers Will Wish They’d Gone to VidCon 2015: See You There!

3 Reasons Marketers Will Wish They’d Gone to VidCon 2015: See You There!

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With online video projected to account for 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019, VidCon 2015 might just be the most important industry event yet for marketers, creators, MCNs, ad-tech companies, brands, and anyone else involved in the interwebs. VidCon has always been the flagship convention for YouTubers creators, but with the explosion of interest and relevance of other video platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat, it’s now a must-attend event for anyone passionate about the opportunities that video holds.

The annual three-day celebration of all things online video kicks off this Thursday in Anaheim, California and around 20,000 attendees (including 2,000 industry professionals) are expected.  IMHO, this year there are a few very compelling reasons why you’ll wish you had attended.

#1) VidCon 2015 – So Much Bigger than YouTubeCon, Finally!

When the first annual VidCon launched, way back in 2010 (which is of course a lifetime in Internet years), the potential for branded video on the platform was still being explored.  For video creators, and especially fans of those creators, VidCon was a MUST.  For marketers, brands, and industry professionals, VidCon has had a relatively smaller  focus on industry in previous years.

Personally, and I may get slapped for saying this, I started ReelSummit because I was tired of attending events that did little to address the impact of the online video movement on professionals, marketers, etc…  As Andy Smith put it well in a post recapping last year’s VidCon, “let’s be honest here, it’s more YouTubeCon than anything else.

Jim Louderback, editorial director for the industry track at Vidcon

However, this year, under the guidance of our good friend and former Discovery Digital Networks GM, Jim Louderback, the Industry track comes of age in terms of building the future of online video. The Industry Track will connect hundreds of professionals with thought-leaders in the field to learn about innovations, insights, and success stories.

We’re adding in more opportunities to network, bringing in a variety of leaders from across the online video ecosystem, and throwing in a few surprises as well! Check out how we’re recreating the conference…

#2) Brands, Marketers, Platforms, Vendors Galore

Although the majority of VidCon will still cater to the fans, and bring the community together with the creators that inspire them, the new attention given to brands and executives bridges the gap between the industry professionals and the teenage fans who congregate in their thousands to meet their YouTube idols.

There’ll be keynotes from some of the biggest names in the space, as well as hands-on training and actionable takeaways from those who live and breathe online video. Speakers will include YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, The President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, Ze Frank, and CEO of Vessel, Jason Kilar.

AND, just take a look at a small fraction of the relevant sponsors in effect:


Those who were lucky enough to attend the now sold-out Track will learn how to build an influencer marketing strategy to reach Millennials, gain valuable insights the video programming strategy behind brands such as BuzzFeed, CBS, L’Oreal and Mountain Dew, and how to create and promote video content on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other major video platforms.

#3) ReelSEO + Tubular @ VidCon in Full-Effect!

Hopefully, part of what you make out of VidCon will be attending a larger version of the ReelSummit, which unfortunately won’t be happening this year. Instead we’ve “partnered” with VidCon to bring that knowledge to the biggest conference there is for video, and we’re coming in full-effect. If you’re attending, please don’t hesitate to come and say hi and of course stay tuned to ReelSEO.com for our coverage of the event.

Mark Robertson - Founder of ReelSEO & Head of Advanced Video Marketing @ Tubular

1) Optimizing Video on Your Own Website – with ReelSEO’s Founder, Mark Robertson.
– Fri, July 24th @4:30-4:50pm

Greg Jarboe - ReelSEO columnist, author, and Co-Founder, SEO-PR.

2) How to Convert More Viewers Into Paying Customers – with ReelSEO’s Greg Jarboe.
– Fri, July 24th @5:10-5:30pm


Rob Gabel

1) Measurement Mess – Making Data Driven Decisions – Panel discussion with Tubular’s CEO, Rob Gabel
– Thur, July 23rd @3:30-4:30pm

Allison Stern2) Analytics Tools -Tubular Video Intelligence Demo with Tubular Co-Founder and VP of Marketing Allison Stern
– Fri, July 24th @2:00 – 2:35pm

Click Here for VidCon’s Full Agenda

Final Thoughts & See You There

Unfortunately, for those of you that are not attending this year’s event, all passes are currently sold-out.  So if you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, best of luck in 2016. It’s always cheaper and wiser to purchase them the moment that they go on sale. You can always cancel it if you plans change and simply pay a small processing fee.

For those of you that ARE GOING!  We would love to meet you, talk with you, and learn about how we can serve you better.  Please let us know in the comments below if you’d like to arrange or schedule time with us.  Otherwise, we hope to see you there.


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