2014 World Cup: Greatest Video Advertising Opportunity Ever?

2014 World Cup: Greatest Video Advertising Opportunity Ever?

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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world and after what seems like years of hype, the 2014 tournament is just months away. Over 3.2 billion people tuned in to watch the 2010 World Cup but that figure is expected to increase dramatically this years event, possibly even double. While the Super Bowl lasts a day, the World Cup runs for a month – that’s an incredible amount of advertising and internet space to fill. For digital video advertisers, an event of this magnitude presents an almost unique opportunity to build brand awareness amongst an extremely receptive and influential demographic.

However, if we’ve learnt anything from the last 12 months in advertising, brands and agencies need to be, first and foremost, authentic and entertaining. Any old video content just won’t cut the mustard but a solid, creative, well-executed and captivating ad could launch a brand onto a scale rarely seen. Capturing the attention and imagination of a public who have already bought into the tournament, means that they are more likely to share and engage with your content, if it resonates enough with them.

Our friends at Poptent have some interesting stats on video and its potential impact on the June/July sporting extravaganza:

  • The mobile video audience in 2010 was 45 million and that’s expected to increase by 88% for the 2014 event
  • Viewers watch an average of 5 hours of mobile video content per month
  • The U.S. mobile video audience in the first quarter of this year reached 45.3 million, up from 36 million a year ago. That 25% gain made the mobile phone the fastest-growing platform by viewership in the last year
  • The 2014 FIFA YouTube channel has over 20K videos (a YouTube search on the keyphrase “2014 World Cup” already returns 1.4 million results).
  • The World Cup lasts for 1 month and involves 63 matches over 32 countries.
  • In 2010, the USA vs Ghana qualifying match attracted 20 million viewers – at 11:30am on a Saturday morning. That’s more viewers than the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, or a regular NFL season football game

The World Cup 2014 could be the single greatest video advertising opportunity yet, given the explosion in second screen devices and the sheer size of the potential global audience. Is your marketing team ready to take advantage?




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