2013 – The Year of the Branded Video Explosion

2013 – The Year of the Branded Video Explosion

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Pow! Right in the eyeballs! Visible Measures have put out their 2013 Branded Video Report and the numbers are starting to stack up quick. If we took the viewing numbers, from 2009-2013 it totals 19B branded video views, and averaged it out across everyone on the planet (I know it’s not reasonable), it would end up being 2.7 branded videos per person. Clearly, it is something that is going to stick around for the long haul. VM also states that it is basically 72,000 years of viewing time! But 2013 was even more astounding.


Visible Measures always does a great job of transparently presenting their methodology. Every company that is going to report some sort of research based results or trends could learn a thing of two below.

The 2013 Visible Measures Branded Video Advertising Report spans video data from 2009 through 2013. The report covers more than 19.0 billion video views, 11,500+ branded video campaigns, 6,200+ brands, from over 179,900 video placements across hundreds of video sites. All performance in this report is based on Visible Measures’ True Reach®, a proprietary metric, that combines of brand-driven and audience-driven video clips across the universe of branded video.

The data was compiled using the patented Visible Measures platform, a repository of analytic data on hundreds of millions of online videos across thousands of video sites. The platform has measured over 3 trillion video views, 500 million videos, 10,000 video campaigns, and sees over 380 million unique video viewers every month.

Plus, they have a massive amount of data to draw from which always adds some measure of reliability in my mind. Less extrapolation and more observation as it were.

The Year of Branded Video

I do not doubt that there was some sort of branded video before 2009 but it certainly was not the marketing force that it is today. 2013 saw a massive rise in branded video content viewing with over 40% of the views accumulated last year, 8.3 billion views. That is because of the dramatic increase in new campaigns during 2013 which totaled more than 6.5B views while older campaigns only pulled in 1.8B views in the year. New campaigns were also a bigger share than in the previous two years.

There were almost 2B views on old campaigns. That’s almost 25% of views that are on video from years gone past. How’s that for long tail ROI on branded video content? But why the sudden surge

The Science of Branded Video

So several things seem to have happened last year. First, brands went big with branded video online. Second, users are watching more branded video online, most likely because 1M view branded video campaigns 2013of more of it being there and because of better production values that come with higher budgets for the branded content. Just my two cents there.

In 2013, more than 1000 branded video campaigns (around one-third) topped one million views. Additionally, 12 topped 100 million each (1.2B views), 133 topped 10M (1.33B views) and over 2,000 hit 100,000 views. All but that last category nearly doubled, showing 85-100% growth while the 100K club grew 39%.

Does that mean more branded video campaigns are seeing more success or are there simply more branded video campaigns? It was probably a little bit of column A meets column B in 2013.

In fact, the average branded video campaign in 2013, garnered more than 2 million views. That is all thanks in part to far more views per video placement, topping 175,000. Since 2009 that number has steadily grown from a meager 19,000, through last year which was right around 125,000.

In views per brand that means a 46% rise from 3.5M to 5.1M. Think about the dollar per view side of things there. If a campaign cost $5M to make, it was then one dollar per view (all hypothetical as we have no budget information).

Branded Video Competition Flares

More views. More campaigns. More, more, more. That of course means, more competition to reach the top. It used to take just 220,000 views in a week to reach the Visible Measures Ad Age Viral Video Chart, a weekly Top 10 of branded videos. In 2013, it was nearly 10X that number meaning it required an average of 2 million views in a week to reach the top 10. The highest week of last year? Post Super Bowl week required over 7 million views, just before Christmas required 5 million.

top 10 threshold for viral video

That is certainly some stiff competition and shows just how valuable those views really are. So the questions that start popping up are, how do you get those views? What kind of content is king? Where can I get me some branded video? Where do I find those eyeballs?

All of that and more will be revealed as I continue to comb through the Visible Measures 2013 Branded Video Report over the next few days.


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