Tubular Insights June 2012

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Channel Discovery and Design for Brands: The YouTube Advertiser Playbook – Part 5

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Interactive Pre-roll Adds Almost 50% to Brand Engagement, Most Popular Interaction? Watching a Trailer Says Jivox

Movie Slate App Review: An Organization Tool for Video Production Pros

Google Introduces Google Glasses In Style–With Skydiving Live Video Hangout

Unruly Social Video Lab Helps Brands Predict Social Video Viability

YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool Stinks for Keyword Research, Works Great for Amusement

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YouTube’s Product Bulletin Reveals Interesting Feature for SEO, But What is IRDB?

Brightcove Dual-Screen Offering Foreshadows the Multi-Screen Future of Online Video?

Google Builds Artificial Brain with Feline Recognition Algorithm… Who’s Laughing Meow

Why Does YouTube’s Video View Counter Freeze at 301 Views? Mystery Solved…Sort Of

Nielsen Says 163.5M Watched Online Video in May, I Say We Need Reporting Standardization

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