Tubular Insights April 2012

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How to Seed Videos via Key Influencers & Grow Your Audience [Creator’s Tip #34]

Connected TVs in more than 1/3 US Homes, Get Moving on Your Strategy!

Adobe CS6 Production Premium Revealed

Brightroll Expands Real-Time Exchange with New Features for Better Digital Video Ad Campaigns

Poptent Launches Premium Global Video Production House for Major Brands

Video Positively Impacts Brands & TV Show Engagement Across Demographics Reports Digitas

Video is Now Working: Publishers & Advertisers Get it, and Taboola is Proof

Angry Birds To Crash Onto Screens With New Web Series

IAB Adds Skippable Linear Ads to VAST 3.0 Guidelines, I Like it!

Film Festivals Finally Go Digital: Tribeca to Show Films Online

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More Movies on YouTube, Automatic 3D, KONY & More

Vzaar Launches Customizable, Branded Video Landing Pages

New App Lets You Get Social & Ignorify The Real World [Humor]

Creating A Successful Web Series Requires Patience, Planning & Fun

Baseball Videos, Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie

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