2012 London Olympics to be Largest In-Stream Video Advertising Event Ever?

2012 London Olympics to be Largest In-Stream Video Advertising Event Ever?

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Yes, even the Olympics is getting in on the live streaming action this year. Now, no matter where you are or what timezone you’re in you’ll be able to catch you favorite Olympic events either live or on-demand.

Brightcove will be supplying the raw power behind the world’s largest sports competition later this year when the Olympic Games descend on London. That means whether you’ve got a Flash or HTML5 compatible device and browser you’ll be able to get all the action.

The partnership means over 2000 hours of Olympic coverage, and I bet, a whole of video advertising to accompany it. That stuff doesn’t pay for itself you know and with the need to pay camera people and production crew, bandwidth expenses and server time and storage, it’s bound to be costly. This could be, in fact, the largest, ever, online video advertising event ever.

According to Elliott Gordon, vice president and general manager of digital for Universal Sports.

“Video Cloud gives us access to critical analytics and reporting tools that we use to measure the performance of our programming and fine-tune content to best meet the demands of our passionate audience and dedicated advertiser base.”

Boom! Advertiser base.

Essentially, Universal sports integrated the Brightcove Video Cloud features into their site which is, of all things, WordPress. They’re also using Adobe Pass for authentication “against cable/satellite subscription credentials to control access to protected content.”

Hey, they didn’t say it was going to be free, after all, this is NBCU we’re talking about. For particular content, viewers can subscribe to content packages via “a content management platform provided by CSG International.” So really, if you haven’t got cable, like me, you probably won’t be able to watch anything free and so will be stuck paying for the content. Luckily, I don’t really care and so if I miss it, I miss it, no big deal.

For the online video industry as a whole, it’s good to see NBCU embracing online video with such gusto, especially for such a massive event like the Olympics. It could also draw a lot of advertising dollars right to the online video realm. I have to believe that NBCU is selling on-air and online bundles to advertisers and I bet we’ll see tons of ads from Geico, who is all over the place these days in terms of online video ads. I can’t seem to watch a single show on Hulu without them popping up a dozen times.


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