Tubular Insights May 2011

Screen Convergence Continues – Vudu, Netflix to Get Dedicated Remote Buttons

YouTube First Watch Runs Video Ads On Users’ First Video View Of The Day

Miro 4 Lets Android Users Sync Music & Video From Multiple Digital Libraries

Brightcove Moves Beyond Video With Mobile Development Platform, App Cloud

Android Market Movie Rentals Blocked On Rooted Android Devices

BrightCove, 5Min Media Team for Online Video Syndication

You’re Not A Real Presidential Candidate Unless You Announce On YouTube

Nielsen Gives UK Cool Video Metrics Tools The US Has Had For Years

Google Goes Prime Time With Lady Gaga Chrome Commercial Ad

Online Video Numbers Hold Steady for April, Except at AOL

Kiefer Sutherland Web Series, The Confession, Gets Feature Film Deal

The Week’s Best Viral Videos & Marketing Lessons: Short Films & Fakes

YouTube’s Town Hall Attempts To Merge Online Video And Politics

YouTube Promoted Video Advertising Program Move to Cost Per View (CPV)

The Growth Of Netflix Will Be Used To Throttle Your Internet Access

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