Tubular Insights April 2011

Nielsen Reports Majority of Online Video Viewers are Women

After User Backlash, Google Video Gets Temporary Reprieve

The Week’s Best Viral Videos & Marketing Lessons – Tornadoes, Cats, & Cellos

YouTube WebM Transcoding Complete for 30% of Videos Which Make up 99% of Views

TED 2012 Soliciting Video Auditions For Innovative Conference Speakers

TV Ads Get Interaction with IntoNow iOS App: Stepping Stone to Widespread Internet-TV Adoption?

Best Viral Video Ad Campaign – Playable Super 8 Trailer In Portal 2

Reel Trend Watch: Video Games Tying into Online Video – Lights, Camera, Game On!

Is Apple Building Their Own YouTube Competitor (iVideo)?

Billboards & Death Threats – The Strange Saga Of Rebecca Black Continues

30% of Homes Have Internet Connected TV Reports Leichtman, But Research Seems Shaky

Over 1.9 Billion Video Streams at NBA.com for 2010 Season

Insider Tips for YouTube Video Marketing Success: Exclusive Interview

I’m Calling It: Web TV Series Are Officially Legitimized

Watch The British Royal Wedding Streaming Live On YouTube

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