Tubular Insights September 2010

Justin.tv Offers Live Streaming Video iPhone App

Logitech Revue With Google TV Priced and Dated, Dish Network Offers Deal?

This Week’s Best YouTube Ad Campaign: Samsung’s “Catchy Dance” Is Viral Catnip

How Does YouTube Work? Time Warner Infographic Breaks It Down

Microsoft Moves To HTML5 Video for ESPN Xbox 360 Application

7 Ways To Encourage Video Testimonials: Bringing Out Your Customer’s Creative Side

Facebook Fastest Growing Video Referrer, But Still Behind Search

HDR Video – What It Is, Why You Want It and Its Future

Behind-the-Scenes: Qoof – The Evolution of Interactive Video Advertising?

Merton Demonstrates Qualities That Breed Long-Term Viral Success

An In-Depth Look At The Impact of Google Instant On SEO and PPC – Is SEO Dead?

Opera Sings for Widget TV Revolution

Relive Your Favorite Year Through Video With YouTube Time Machine

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YouTube Running Live-Streaming Service Trial Today and Tomorrow

Video Is Over 50% of Bandwidth Consumption In US

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