Tubular Insights August 2010

Viral Video vs. Episodic Video – Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Google Makes A Push for Pay-Per-View Movie Streaming Service

Cisco Buying ExtendMedia, Three Screen Content Platform + Networking

YouTube Overhauls User Interface for Browsing Videos

Viral Video Lessons Round Up – Shocking Footage, Video Game Predictions, and Phone Calls

CIO.com Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobe’s Flash Will NOT Die

The Search, Social and Video Trifecta – YouTube Beats Yahoo for 3rd Most Visited Website

Education Is The #1 Reason Marketers Use Website Video

H.264 Codec Is Now FREE – for Free Video – MPEG LA Announces Royalty-Free License

Vimeo SEO: How To Get Embedded Vimeo Videos Into Google

Antoine Dodson Embraces Huge Unexpected Viral Video Fame


Who Watches TV Ads In The UK? No One – But They All Remember Them

The Latest Trend In Online Video: F#%& Vulgarity Going Viral

Crowdsourced Fan Film, Star Wars Uncut, Is Finished… and It’s Awesome

Online Video Advertising Turning Into A Feeding Frenzy?

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