11 Predictions for The Online Video Industry In 2010

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Everyone is giving their predictions for the Internet marketing and online video space in 2010 and I thought I’d better jump on the bandwagon with my 2 cents…  Granted, I certainly have some more insightful predictions that I could provide but I figured it’s New Year’s Eve and we should all be relaxing…  So, here we go:

  1. In 2010, I will create, publish, and market more video for the web than I have in years past.
  2. In 2010, you will create, publish, and market more video for the web than you have in years past.

Perhaps I should provide a few more “real” predictions.

  1. YouTube will state that they are profitable in Q3 or Q4 2010 – I know, a bold prediction to make and I don’t have much to back it up, but I did have a vision about it – so… ;-)
  2. Google, Bing and Yahoo will all work out a reliable framework for video publishers to follow in order to have their videos indexed.  At least, I certainly hope that they will.  If they don’t come together on this, it would be nice at least if Google would provide some consistency with regard to guidelines for publishers to follow for indexing video.
  3. YouTube will offer automatic transcription and closed captioning for all videos, if they haven’t already done so behind the scenes.  If they begin to make it obvious to users as a feature, they will do so with the caveat that the speech-to-text “may not be accurate” – because of course, it isn’t, and it is hard to do.  When testing their automatic text transcript/closed captions beta feature, they turned “YouTube” into “you to,” which I found comical.
  4. Search engines will continue to advance their methods for crawling flash, and more importantly, for understanding video content beyond textual metadata.  There will be increased usage of closed captioning, speech-to-text recognition, object-recognition, facial recognition, and I believe, crowd-sourced and user-generated temporal metadata creation.
  5. There will be consolidation, acquisition, and ongoing changes to business models for online video hosting and publishing platforms.  CDNs and hosting solutions will need to start offering solutions for video publishing so I believe that we may see some acquisitions there.
  6. HTML5 will be embraced by more and more publishers who are not concerned with copyright protection. Check out my example HTML5 pages here and here (which I’m still working on and plan to write a post about.)  Hopefully, you can see the power and simplicity of using  HTML5 for video.
  7. In-stream video advertising will continue to mature (new formats, new pricing models, IAB standards adopted, etc…) and see massive adoption by a broad range of advertisers, to the point that publishers will have a lack of inventory to meet those demands.
  8. We will see mass adoption, as we have seen already, of live video broadcasting and mobile video.
  9. SMBs will embrace online video marketing as if it were going out of style.

2010 is going to be an incredible year for online video… So, I could go on and on and while I realize that I have provided little in terms of data to back up my predictions, you get the idea, right?  Im excited and Im passionate about this space, and I don’t see that dissipating anytime soon.

What are your predictions? Tell us in the comments below and of course, Happy New Year to you all.


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