17 Video Marketing Tips for a Winning Strategy [Free Whitepaper]

17 Video Marketing Tips for a Winning Strategy [Free Whitepaper]

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Did you know that video currently accounts for over 64% of the world’s Internet traffic, and that number is set to skyrocket to a staggering 80% by 2019? Or that 85% of companies that invest in the resources find success with a video marketing strategy?

Video can engage, entice, and entertain in a way that text never can, but viewers are becoming more discerning in their consumption habits, turning to different platforms depending on their need for information. For instance, YouTube is the go-to site for tutorial, gaming, and music content, while Instagram Video is the top video destination for behind the scenes footage of brands and celebrities.

Online video is evolving at breakneck speed, and brands that fail to include the medium as part of their digital marketing strategy are quickly being left behind. Video is not only the future of content marketing, it’s already one of the top channels for lead generation, building awareness, and communication. It’s the ideal vehicle to guide the consumer through all points of the sales funnel, but perhaps more importantly, video views and engagement can be tracked in-depth – and that’s an essential metric for all video marketing teams.

whitepaper-cover-17-video-marketing-tipsReelSEO has been the industry leader in video marketing resources, tips, and strategy advice. We are the pioneers in disseminating best practice, and the site that video marketers turn to for advice for creating and optimizing video campaigns. We’ve compiled 17 of our best video marketing tips and tricks to help brands, creators, agencies, and video marketing teams, get the most out of their content, distribution, and promotion strategy.

Here’s an example tip (#16) for video marketers interested in the rise of Facebook video, and how they can benefit from that with their own video content:

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