15% of ALL YouTube Videos Relate to Gaming: Minecraft & PewDiePie FTW

15% of ALL YouTube Videos Relate to Gaming: Minecraft & PewDiePie FTW

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If you are a gamer, the chances are that you’ll have turned to YouTube at least once to look for tips, watch a walk-through, or to sit through an unboxing video, but even serious gamers may be surprised to discover just how much video gaming content there is on the site.

How much exactly? According to YouTube analytics specialists Tubular, a massive 15% of all YouTube content relates to video games, with Minecraft taking the top spot for most views. And it will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one that king of the walk-throughs, PewDiePie, owns the channel with the most subscribers in this vertical.

Gaming on YouTube: All the Stats and Facts You Need

Video game content is one of the biggest and most popular categories on YouTube, but just how much impact does that content have on the channel? Let’s take a look at the stats:

  • As of December 2014, there have been 364M views of video game content (Tweet this)
  • 15% of all uploads to YouTube relate to video gaming (Tweet this)
  • Video game content on YouTube gets 1.8x more engagement than other topics (Tweet this)
  • Minecraft is the most popular video game on YouTube with nearly 63B Views (Tweet this)

Fan-created Content Generates >90% of Gaming Video Views

Regarding Minecraft, there’s more to this than meets the eye, and that’s the fact that 99% of the total video views for Minecraft content on YouTube belongs to fan channels. The game may be the most popular on the site when it comes to views and engagement, but the brand itself isn’t the one that is creating the videos that fans want to watch. However, Minecraft’s parent company, Mojang, is working with a lot of independent creators to harness the influence they have, a marketing strategy that every video gaming software, and hardware, brand should be watching very carefully. Across the site, user-generated content makes up well over 90% of the total views generated for video gaming content, and with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, brands need to find ways to with those creators who are taking the audience, and share-of-voice-with them.

Tubular has released this handy infographic that gives you a snapshot of the video game industry in the current YouTube eco-landscape:

gaming videos on YouTube 2014

All data from Tubular Labs.


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