What Is This 144p Stuff, YouTube?

What Is This 144p Stuff, YouTube?

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It seems a little counter-intuitive I suppose, but YouTube has just introduced a low 144p resolution into certain videos in the past few days.  Perhaps it’s because of reports like this, and infographics like this, where buffering time has been a major thorn in the side of the overall financial picture for video.  Truly, 144p is an absolute “last resort” when it comes to watching video, or a first resort for those who have slow internet connection speeds.  It looks pretty awful in a world used to watching things in HD, but it also looks pretty awful to people who watched video online in 1999.  But, there are those in the world not fortunate enough to be able to play high-quality streams, and this is for them.

The 144p Introduction to YouTube

When I started reading about this, I couldn’t find a clip right away.  Remember, it’s not for every video yet.  But then I found it on Epic Meal Time:


When I switched it over, it looked like this:


And, it had no sound.  I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be the norm, or it’s a mistake, or what.  But for this video, that’s what I got.

This blog reported on the change with an Amy Winehouse video on display.  That video had sound.

There’s no doubt this is a way for YouTube to reach more people.  Most of us will never go to this resolution, but there is probably a good amount of people who could use something like this: something is better than nothing.


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