11 Key Features In YouTube’s Google+ Comments Integration

11 Key Features In YouTube’s Google+ Comments Integration

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As you know, YouTube has a new commenting system that is now fully integrated with Google+. It’s gone down like a lead balloon with users of the site but we’re going to take an objective overview of the new system and some of its features as well as confirming just what has disappeared in the upgrade. The whole new way of commenting on YouTube has been a controversial move but we’ll show you 11 of the ways YouTube has changed the way we discuss videos and interact with other users. We also confirm a few of the things that have gone for good.

YouTube Comments: 11 New Features You Need To Know

1.You can mention people who are in your Google+ circles in your comments. This is a great way to bring them into the discussion or alert them to a video. If you tag someone in a YouTube comment, you now have the ability to confirm which circle you put them in on Google+. This is really helpful if you have a lot of people in circles and is particularly good for bringing in users from your Top Fans circle.

2. You can now have private threaded conversations in the comments section. This is really useful if you want have a discussion about a video but you don’t want to make that public. You can tag the people you want to involve and make the conversation private.

youtube private comments

3. The character limit has disappeared! YouTube used to restrict your comments to 500 characters or less but the limit has been lifted and you can now make a comment as long you like.

4. YouTube comments and Google+ comments are now completely in synch with each other. In fact, it’s not just the comments, it’s anything that you +1. If you like a video on YouTube that will show up on Google+ and if you +1 a comment on Google+ that will show up on YouTube.

5. Users now have full moderation control both on individul videos as well as at Channel level. You can now remove a whole comment thread or ban a user, or mute them or report them for abuse. Remember, because everything is in sync now, if a comment is removed from YouTube it will also disappear from Google+ and vice versa.

6. You can now edit your comments. This is an awesome new feature which allows you to clean up typos or change the comment you made for whatever reason.

7. You can now include links in your comments. These can be links to websites, other videos or other channels. While this might seem like a wide open door to spammers…..

8. The ‘Top Comments’ feature pushes the most relevant comments to the top of the stream (pushing spammy posts down). The comments that users are more likely to see, because they are just under the actual video, are sorted algorithmically by social proximity, relevancy etc and by freshness. So, they are not going to be dominated by friends or people you have in your circles – if a legitimate user makes an interesting and relevant point then it should show up in your top comments section.

9. Comments now come with formatting which means you can italicize sections of your comment or highlight certain words in bold.

10. Your YouTube notifications are now grouped in with your Google+ notifications – you can adjust the settings if you are getting hammered.

youtube notifications

11. Comments made in a different language to the one of your channel can now be translated. This will allow you to develop conversations with users that the language barrier has always prevented.

What’s Missing With The New Comments System

Since the roll out, users cannot reply to comments made before the upgrade, neither can they moderate them. Also, comments made prior to last week cannot be shared via your YouTube Channel feed but this may be a bug? Another thing that’s gone is the amount of information we used to get on the hover cards.

Let us know what you think about the new system and its features below.


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