10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers

10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers

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Everyone has thought of opening up a blog at some point, and most of us have attempted it. For some, it will become a huge success. It may even become your primary source of income. But this takes time, effort and some know-how to get to that point. Which is why so many bloggers quit before ever reaching that goal.

Luckily, there are more resources for this than ever, these days. Here are some great YouTube channels for videos to improve your blogging experience, get tips and maybe even make some money.

1. BlogSquad


If you need blogging help, you can always turn to the BlogSquad. This Internet duo is made up of Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, two successful and experienced powerhouses in both the online and business worlds. They haven’t been active on YouTube for awhile, so subscribing is useless. But this channel is full of videos they uploaded before activity stopped, and they are still relevant and interesting.

2. Ms. Ileane Speaks

Ms. Ileane Speaks

An expert on blogging, SEO and podcast creation, Ms. Ileane has been posting videos since 2009. She has several series currently uploaded, on topics like social media and Google Chrome extensions. You can also visit her website, BasicBlogTips.

3. SixFigureBlogger


David Risley of Blog Marketing Academy has been in the game for awhile now. His blog became a full time job years ago, and he has since generated a six figure income that he says anyone can manage with the right tools and approach. His website critiques are especially informative and popular, so be sure to check them out.

4. MyBlogGuest


If you are considering guest blogging or inviting guest authors, you are likely to find this channel useful. From pure guest blogging tips to MyBlogGuest-related news (like contests and features) and funny videos on creating guest blogging pitch – we are doing our best to provide something for anyone.

5. For Bloggers, By Bloggers

For Bloggers, By Bloggers

So far, there are only 13 posted videos here. But they are great, quickfire advice posts about important topics for the modern blogger. Learn things like how to properly utilize new social media like Pinterest, adding Google Analytics to your site, product reviews and generating trending topics.

6. 2 Create a Website

2 Create a Website

Lisa is a successful professional blogger who believes you should aim to do more than just create a site. You should work to turn it into a full business. Her videos are very helpful and thorough, giving you all the information you need to start turning your blog into a cash cow. She is a regular updater, so be sure to subscribe.

7. FourBlogger


Basic tutorials on different subjects, like WordPress, Thesis themes, Camtasia and general blogging. They haven’t been active in eight months, but I highly recommend the videos they posted during the two years they were updating.

8. ProBlogger Blog Tips

ProBlogger Blog Tips

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger offers his expertise through videos on any topic that might be relevant to the professional blog owner. Case studies on affiliate marketing, mind maps, money making tips and more are provided here. He doesn’t upload frequently, but I still think his channel is worth a subscription.

9. WordPress & Blogging Tips

WordPress & Blogging Tips

Want to keep up with the latest news and tips for WordPress? As it is the most popular blogging platform around, your answer is probably ‘yes’. You can do so through this helpful channel, with videos on plugins, themes, features, coming changes and more. This is a great channel for learning intermediate to advanced WP tools.

10. BlogYourPassion


This channel is dedicated to helping bloggers grow their ideas and websites from the point of view of pursuing their passions. They are perfect for those just staring out, who are a little unsure of where to begin. They provide help on topics like finding royalty free images, increasing reader interaction, generating traffic, finding post topics and other basics.


Bloggers can make real money doing what they love. They can turn it into an entire business with the right tools. These ten channels offer great advice, tips and assistance, no matter what level you are currently at.


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