10 Online Video Predictions for 2008

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There are a ton of posts out there that detail predictions for the online video industry in 2008. It you head over to newteevee.com, you can find that they have several posts with detailed interviews of industry leaders discussing predictions for 2008. I dont have the prolific nature or time to detail my reasons for these predictions but you will find that many mirror those on other prediction lists. Feel free to expand, comment, agree, disagree, etc… in the comments below.

  1. HD High-definition Video – I expect Youtube and others to follow suite with the sites that already support High Definition content.
  2. Consolidation of video Companies– Every week I see a new Press Release for a startup video platform company. I believe that we will start to see consolidation of video companies as well as see some go away.
  3. Professional and archival content – Now that online video has taken off, you will likely see media companies scramble to post archival video content that was not a focus initially. I knot that with my own company, we are working to bring any and all archived multimedia content online. In addition, we will begin to see professional video content take over. From Mediapost – “The vast majority of professionally produced video content hasn’t been digitized. Once producers get past the first hurdles (rights, encoding, codecs, digital asset management, hosting, streaming, etc.) they’ll find the dollars are there to support a surge in professional production companies driving vast amounts of new and historical content online.”
  4. Video Advertising Adoption – With video advertising in full swing, we will continue to see advertising models refined and new models developed. Advertisers will pour money into video advertising in 2008, more than doubling revenue achieved in 2007. See this post.
  5. Local Video Search – We will begin to see products for SMB (small businesses) to market their videos online as an additional form of lead generation. Companies such as Mixpo are leading the way with innovative, turn-key products and services for video marketing. I expect to see Search Engine Marketing companies focus much more on video marketing solutions for small and medium sized advertisers. This year we saw several IYPs introduce Video in their directory listings. I expect to see this trend continue. Search engine marketing products for small and medium sized businesses typically are composed of products and services for organic search, local search, and paid search marketing. Mobile is on the way but I see video search as the stronger component to add to this mix.
  6. Video Marketing and Video SEO – SEO professionals and search engine marketing professionals will likely see some changes in their field. I believe that we will become more niche experts focused on paid search, organic search, local search, mobile search, and video search. At some point, video search marketing and video promotion specialists will become the a specialized field.
  7. Exclusive Online TV – I expect to see TV networks test and pilot new TV shows and episodes online in 2008. Does anyone know of such plans?
  8. Online Video in the Home – We will continue to see movement towards development of devices similar to AppleTV whereby online video and online movies will start to migrate into our living-rooms apart from our desktop computers.
  9. Live Streaming Video – Many companies, especially news and media companies, will invest heavily in live video streaming production and online syndication in order to better cover breaking events and news stories. Again, in my day job as Director of Search for Freedom Communications, I am aware of plans that we have specifically in regards to live streaming video. I also know from conversations with my colleges that this will be a focus for many media companies in 2008. In my conversations with Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast!, Gary mentioned that they will continue to focus on indexing live streaming video as they have seen already a huge increase in the amount of live streaming video content available online.

Ok, so that is really 9. Sorry;-) Ok, one more

High-Definition Video…

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