10 Things To Do Before You Upload Your Online Video

10 Things To Do Before You Upload Your Online Video

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10-things-before-uploadingTim Street is a viral video producer and is the Creator and Executive Producer of the Popular Viral Video Series French Maid TV, with over 30 Million Downloads of his online videos. That means he probably knows a thing or two about how to make a video go viral, so when he writes a ebook about doing just that, you should be reading it.

His ebook – 10 Things You should do before you Upload your Online Video – gives you exactly what it says. Ten really good ideas on how to proceed after you have made that video for the Internet.

A quick outline looks like this:

  1. Know your overall goals
  2. Create key art that sells
  3. Make sure you have the best thumbnail possible
  4. Create Industry Marketing Tools
  5. Sell out and find a sponsor
  6. Make friends who buy digital ink by the barrel (ReelSEO gets a quick nod here. Thanks Tim!)
  7. Know what you want people to say about you
  8. Promote the video everywhere without being a jerk.
  9. Have a distribution plan
  10. Have a conversation with your audience

Now, I’m not going to get in-depth into any of that. After all, Tim already wrote the ebook so it would be redundant for me to re-write what it is he already wrote. So instead, I’ll just point you over to him at http://1timstreet.com.

A lot of the things that he tells you in the book are exactly the things that we often say here at ReelSEO. With that many smart people saying the same things, they must be right! His ebook will give you some quick tips on how to get those videos on the top of the charts and spreading like maple syrup on hotcakes.

So stop reading this and go read that already!  But please, come back ;-)


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