I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Sandie at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit and later at VidCon, where I met several of the vidIQ team.  Tim Schmoyer interviewed Sandie on a recent Creator’s Tip, and he talked about their service, which measures social engagement for videos.  vidIQ had a cool booth at VidCon which showed what they can do (along with Tim offering critiques on creators looking for help with their channels), and they recently sent us a screen shot of ZeFrank’s channel, focusing on his recent “True Facts About the Owl” video.

A Look at VidIQ’s Social Engagement Scores

You can use this with not only your own videos, but any video you like–you know, study the competition.  Here is a good look at it, followed by what it looks like integrated into the YouTube page:

vidiq magnified

vidiq zefrank

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • The vidIQ Score is the “likelihood of a video to be promoted in Related videos, Search, and Recommended videos.”  ZeFrank’s video is 100/100, which I’m going to guess is good.
  • Average Watch Time allows you to check in on not only your own videos’ watch time, but any video you want to look at.
  • FB Likes/Shares/Comments.  Self-explanatory.
  • Tweets: Yep.
  • Words Per Minute: I think this one might be a bit controversial.  The stat vidIQ gives is that the most successful videos have higher WPM (220 WPM), encouraging more fast talk and jump cuts.  I actually wonder if this might be a correlation/causation mistake though.  My own advice would be not to worry about the speed at which you deliver content: just make the best content you can.
  • Tags: Although YouTube has started to hide tags, there are ways to find them on certain videos.  vidIQ makes it easy to do.
  • Description Link Count: tells you the best number of links to add to your description.
  • Description Word Count: Do you have enough words in the description?  This tells you.

I like the idea of breaking all of these vital stats down, and vidIQ is also offering what is becoming a big thing in channel analysis: learning who your top influencers and commenters are and engaging with them, along with the best time of day to launch a video.  It’s all in the effort to position your video under the best circumstances possible.

If you’re interested in downloading the free version for Chrome, you can click here.