Zediva is still making waves, and still streaming one DVD in one player to one customer. In recent court document filings, the streaming DVD rental service (for lack of a better description) blasted back at the MPAA, essentially telling them to take off the blinders and open their eyes to the wonderment of the Internet. Well, alright that’s not quite it, but it’s close. They cited the MPAA and studios’ inability to see the future beyond their huge piles of standing cash and beyond the benefits of new, innovative services, like Zediva themselves.

I had to chuckle because Zediva cleverly showed a precedent while at the same time slapping the MPAA for simply being stupid and short-sighted. Props Zediva! I will probably buy some more credits now because of this. First, I need to use the ones I’ve got. Hey, while you’re here Zediva, fix your website for Chrome already, it’s pathetic (see image below which shows the poor compatibility)! Then email me and we can chat. Well, email me either way if you like.

Anyway, again, I digress. I was applauding Zediva for their bitch-slapping of the MPAA, who needs it from time to time.

To illustrate the MPAA’s short-sightedness, they pointed to the group’s incessant whining about the VCR, DVR and cable TV. Now, of course, the MPPA couldn’t possibly exist without DVD sales (the child of the VCR) and cable TV (who pays big money for first air rights and without whom most people wouldn’t see many crap films from Hollywood).

Do I sound bitter? I’m sorry, but they’re so bass-ackwards that they irritate me, the MPAA, not Zediva. First they hate on VCRs, then Cable, then DVRs then Netflix after openly embracing them first, then shoving them away like a jilted lover. I seem to remember them also hating on DVD burners as well stating the same thing they did with the VCR, ‘Sniff, sniff…but everyone will steal our stuff!’

Thanks for calling us all thieves…

They just can’t see the forest for the trees can they? Instead of going “ooh! A new revenue source!” they go “EEP! Innovation!? We hate new, MPAA SMASH!” much like the Incredible Hulk would do. Note, I purposely likened them to the unthinking yet massively powerful Marvel comics character…because that’s how they seem sometimes, all reaction, little thought.

The word fickle comes to mind because it wasn’t really like they hated Netflix per se, but more like they hated digital streaming of film in general, didn’t it? They did and probably still do hate Netflix (some of the MPAA members, not all of them) for being the first to think of doing a monthly subscription for limitless streaming while others are making gobs of cash off of Netflix. Perhaps the MPAA needs to talk to those studios and perhaps they’ll see the light there.

Meanwhile, Zediva did a sort of cool hybrid of old Netflix and new Netflix – You get a DVD, but we don’t mail it, we stream it to you. Hot diggity that’s cool, ain’t it?

I bet what the studios are thinking is, “if we shut down Zediva, then we can shut down all services like it and we can then do exactly what they’re doing. Heck we can even flick our noses at cable and all those other streaming services.”

But, if the studios were going to do that, don’t you think they should have already?

Zediva is comparing themselves to Blockbuster (not the best business model to follow, apparently) and Netflix, stating that they do the same thing those businesses do, buy DVDs and rent them to consumers. They don’t rent more copies of the DVDs than they have and just don’t physically give the DVDs to the customers.

Zediva said in court documents “Blockbuster is free to rent the same movie to many different customers in its stores. Netflix is free to mail DVDs to its rental customers. They must buy the DVDs from the studios, but once they do, the studios have been paid, and they have no right to demand a share of the rental fee.”

Now the MPAA filed suit back on April 4th and the suit is still going with only minor disruptions of Zediva’s service. That to me means that things are looking good for the streaming DVD rental service. Either way, I’m going to be sure to use those credits I’ve got there (which I paid for!) just in case. Good luck Zediva, be sure to email me about that Chrome site update when you’re done.

This case is of interest to me because of both the innovative approach of Zediva (one DVD and player per person streamed online) and the doors it could open if they win.