YuMe announced they have now got a first Silverlight-friendly video ad network. That means users can implement the new ACE technology in Silverlight players and generate revenue on the content finally.

YuMe publishers who are using Silverlight players can implement the ACE technology and control their ad offerings via the ACE Ad Management System. With more than 30 million ads per day already YuMe is one of the world’s largest online video ad networks already. They also are a Microsoft partner for Windows Media Center Internet TV.

The YuMe Silverlight Software Development Kit is already available.  The easily-integrated solution allows publishers to submit their inventory for inclusion in YuMe’s video ad network and includes advanced targeting, high-impact ad units and real-time campaign optimization.

The ACE Ad Management System is a complete set of SaaS ad operations tools that publishers use to make the most money possible from their video inventory, managing as many syndication partners as they choose and expanding to any viewing environment — from PC to mobile to IPTV.  The ACE Ad Management System lets a publisher’s in-house sales team offer advanced targeting, the latest high-impact ad units, and provides tools to increase fill rates and eCPMs by coordinating multiple ad sources.

Why Silverlight?

This isn’t the first ad offering for Silverlight, Doubleclick has offered the service for some time. There are Xbox 360-based Silverlight ads on the dashboard (a pay service mind you – they must be desperate for cash over there at Microsoft). Eyeblaster has a Silverlight implementation as well. In fact the Silverlight SDK includes all sorts of things for the platform that are aimed at ads. Panache also offers Silverlight ad serving.

The thing about Silverlight is that it’s a fairly open platform, considering it’s parent. It uses VAST, VPAID and OpenVideoPlayer. It’s got a decent plug-in system meaning code can be added to extend the operations of the player fairly easily. Here are both silverlight and Flash ad demos for the platform: http://openvideoplayer.sourceforge.net/mix/

If Silverlight is actually installed on 60% of connected devices then it’s a platform that one should certainly consider when planning their online video ad campaign. Any good video ad network right now should certainly be supporting it, Flash and of course the upcoming HTML 5. That should give the widest reach in regards to platforms covered.

So well done YuMe, you’ve stepped into the light.