Yeah baby! Screen Convergence Rising! Alright, sorry, I’m a bit amped up these days as I’ve got a lot going on, like my NaNoWriMo novel and everything else. Now, LG and YuMe have crushed one over the wall and announced some pretty killer cooperation that will probably help accelerate a wide variety of things, including interactive video ads.

The announcement this week states that LG will be adding ad functionality to their connected TVs and that functionality will be pushed along by charter tech partner, YuMe. Those sly dogs, why didn’t they contact me about this?! Oh wait, they did just not in advance. I also found out that Toyota will be the first advertiser on board with the new deal.

YuMe Expands Features to All Three Screens

With this expansion of services, it means that YuMe is now on all three screens: TV, PC and mobile. I don’t subscribe to a four screen view because tablets are mostly the same OS as mobiles yet in a PC configuration really.

That’s a pretty slick move on the part of YuMe since you can now control a full three screen campaign through one technology. This could definitely help boost the YuMe output overall and really give advertisers a reason to take another look at them as a provider. You might remember that just a week ago, YuMe announced several new ad formats.


While I still hold that Samsung has the best three screen strategy for a manufacturer, LG certainly has a major piece of market share in the connected TV area.

LG Electronics developed the LG advertising platform to strengthen the ecosystem of developers, publishers and users, creating a mutually beneficial platform in which developers can maximize revenues and users receive targeted, relevant and engaging advertisements. The global, multi-device platform offers advertisers the immersive engagement of the TV’s large-screen experience combined with the interactive engagement of digital media.

While many might see this as a way to get TV people into online video advertising, I see it as the other way round. It’s a way for online video advertisers to get onto the TV and still retain a lot of interactivity and other features that they have come to expect from online video advertising.

Publishers will be able to make use of the accessible, real-time reporting system and a host of other features. The LG ad platform, powered by YuMe’s ACE Relevance Engine, is a turnkey solution for publishers, which manages publisher ad inventory to optimize ad CPMs and supports a variety of ad sales models including YuMe’s Connected Audience Network. ┬áBecause the LG ad platform is integrated into LG Smart TV HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players, Smart TV Upgraders and other LG Smart TV platforms, advertisers can run their campaigns on these devices as well as other connected CE devices participating in YuMe’s Connected Audience Network.