There’s nothing more fun than spending hours and hours of time creating, uploading, and optimizing a video and then receiving a notification from YouTube about a new comment, that goes along the lines of, “You suck, you suck-faced sucker” (usually with more colorful words).  No one wants to see comments like this during the holidays, right?  Thankfully, Santa delivered an early present in the form of a fun and novel browser extension called YuleTube which can turn all those Grinch comments from naughty to nice.

Here’s a fun explainer video about YuleTube.  Note that it was placed on Vimeo vs YouTube ;-)

For chrome, firefox, or safari users, you can download the extension at  If you have Internet Explorer, then you’re on Santa’s naughty list and there’s no extension for you.  Once you install the extension, you’ll notice that those naughty comments will be replaced with holiday-themed comments.  Here’s an example of a comment thread after the extension is activated.