Back in October, YouTube announced InVideo Programming, which allows a creator to either feature a channel or a specific video within a video.  You may have noticed a lot of these icons pop up back then and it’s continued with a vengeance.  Now, InVideo Programming is available on mobile.  Currently available with iOS and Android apps, InVideo Programming now translates over to mobile.  Much like we discussed earlier today with playlists, in-video programming increases watch time by giving viewers an attractive thumbnail to click and encourages the watching of more videos.

YouTube’s Mobile InVideo Programming

Here’s what it looks like:

mobile invideo programming

YouTube came up with three reasons to use this feature when they introduced it several months ago:

1. Introduce a new series.  People who love your main videos may be enticed to try out another series if they are made aware of it during the video.

2. Showcase an old video.  Bring people to a video that best represents you and will therefore make viewers want to see even more, or push a video you think should get more views but for whatever reason hasn’t.

3. Channel branding.  A good one for those who want to affix a visual icon with each of their videos, marking the video as “yours” and creating brand loyalty.

For advertisers who use AdWords for Video, call-to-action overlays are currently available on the apps, and soon will appear on the mobile site.