Yeah, yeah.  Harlem Shake is so pervasive that it’s either well past it’s usefulness or it’s still the hottest thing on the internet, depending on what speed you read your memes.  But, we might as well have fun while it lasts, right?  YouTube has definitely taken notice of the craze, something so simple that literally anyone can do it and takes almost no time and yet entertains so many, when they noted in YouTube Trends how many of these things were being uploaded and how many views they were hammering out.  Now, YouTube has added an Easter Egg to their search results.

YouTube’s Harlem Shake Easter Egg

Now, this isn’t entirely new.  There is a site called “Harlem Shakeify” which you can paste any URL into and will allow you to make a website do the Harlem Shake with its graphics and logos.  But now, YouTube has that built in.  Just follow the link.  Or go to YouTube and enter “Do the Harlem Shake,” and the site goes right into it.

Here’s a static image of what it makes those search results look like as they dance back and forth:


YouTube has been doing some playful things recently with their site, in addition to doing all those changes they seem to be making.  They recently gave Psy his own little dancing icon next to the view count on “Gangnam Style.”  I guess when you become a cultural phenomenon, you deserve to have some kind of special YouTube designation no one else has.