I honestly didn’t mean to rhyme with that title, but now that I see it in all its glory: I totally intended for that to happen, even though it’s not really a “sneak peek” at all.  These videos are totally available right now on your very own YouTube.  Anyway, YouTube’s Geek Week has begun in earnest and I decided to take a look at what the geeks have in store for us.  YouTube is hoping this goes better than “Comedy Week,” but to tell you the truth, watching some of the videos so far makes me think this is Comedy Week in Disguise.  Of course, geeky stuff lends itself to comedy anyway, and for sure, there are some “serious” things mixed in.  So let’s take a look.

Videos Kicking Off YouTube’s Geek Week: Global Geekery Monday

Freddie Wong goes on a Batman-style date with Grace Helbig, with obvious hilarious results, in “Skyhook:”

Nigahiga does a video we expect from creator Ryan Higa…tell everyone he’s not going to do a Naruto spoof, then totally do a Naruto spoof:

“How to be More Asian” is a musical telling us how to be “less weird, and more Asian:”

Warwick Davis hosts AllTime10s “10 Best YouTube Animations from Around the World:”

There are several others.  You can watch a whole playlist by clicking here.