It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that ads created specifically for the Super Bowl take the majority share of the top 10 most watched for February 2013. However, the promotional video for the PS4 easily took the lead with an impressive 26.2 Million views since it’s upload on the 20th February. Elsewhere, Chevy claim 2 spots with two different versions of the same ad, and heavyweight brands Pepsi and Oreo also grab two of the listings. And of course, there’s an inclusion of the mandatory Harlem Shake video.

To be included in the chart, videos must be marked as ads on YouTube (paid views) but must also attract a considerable number of organic views. Here’s the list:

1: Playstation 4 (26,296,340 Views)

 2: Samsung Mobile USA – The Next Big Thing (21,382,135 Views)

3: Official Ram Trucks “Farmer” (14,093,015 Views)

4: Jeep “Whole Again” (7,484,985 Views)


5: Harlem Shake (Jeff Gordon Edition) (5,525,843 Views)

6: Find New Roads Anthem :90 HD | Chevy (4,231,650 Views)


7: OREO Separator Machine #1 (3,394,974 Views)


8: Find New Roads Anthem Chevy – Short (2,626,904 Views)


9: Pepsi NEXT – Behind the Scenes at #CokeChase (2,307,260 Views)

10: OREO – Whisper Fight (2,301,289 Views)