YouTube, once just the second largest search engine has now snuck up and tapped Yahoo! on the shoulder, sneaking past them in the latest Internet Top Sites report. Maybe, they got a helping hand by their life partner, Google, who knows. is reporting that YouTube has nudged aside Google rival Yahoo! and taken the third spot. Now it’s a Facebook sandwich with Google on top and YouTube on the bottom. Bully for them! Will they manage to dethrone the king of the social networks and put a one-two punch of Google properties in the top spots? Only time will tell.

Yahoo! had this to say on it… OK, I didn’t really ask them because, it’s not all that massive of a news piece really. Plus, Alexa’s numbers are often far from kosher in my opinion and their rankings seem to fluctuate in counter-intuitive ways quite often.

In other strange news, the number one search term for incoming YouTube traffic is the word YouTube… I’m not exactly sure how that works. People are too lazy to type .com at the end? That actually, sort of, seems like cheating for Google since it’s both a search and a hit on YouTube… But hey, whatever works right?

Either way, it would appear that the YouTube star is on the rise, if you in fact believe everything Alexa has to say on the subject. I’m skeptical to say the least. However, given the popularity of online video and YouTube itself, it’s not surprising in the least that they might be increasing their traffic faster than others.